Monday Made It!

I am linking up today with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics for Monday Made It!

I like to think of myself as a crafty person, but I don't really think I am.  I tend to start projects, but not finish them.  Awhile ago, my bestie and my hubby's bestie (who are engaged) bought a house and we went there to help them with some "projects".  This really meant that Emily and I did crafts, talked, giggled, and had a bunch of fun.  Then the boys put up their mailbox and played ladderball all day. of the crafts was did was to make this wreath.

It was all Emily's idea and we made ourselves a little assembly line.  I cut out the circles with my mad scissor skills (A.K.A. being a teacher for little ones I cut fast and a lot at a time :) and she pinned them to the form.  I really thought it was such a cute idea that I wanted to make one for my door, but I wanted to wrap it in ribbon first so that from the back it wasn't just a white foam wreath.

This is what I needed to make my wreath:

All I did was pin one end of the ribbon down and wrap it all the way around the form making sure it was nice and tight.  Then I pinned down the other end.  I cut circles out of green burlap.  My plan was to completely cover the front side of the wreath with these circles, but I loved the ribbon so much I decided to make a little burlap "flower" the same way we did with her whole wreath.  What do you think?

My hubby hates it as he does all wreaths.  I am planning on also going to buy a wooden letter P, spray paint it and add it to the wreath.  Or I very well could change my mind entirely and cover the whole wreath with the burlap.  I don't know.......I am very indecisive like that ;)

I had another craft I was going to make yesterday, but I finally caught the cold that the rest of the family has had.  Of course, the day before going back to school!  At least today was an inservice so I was able to sit down all day.

For my classroom I just finished my penguin mini-unit and posted it to TpT.  Click on the image below to get yourself a copy.

I also was going to make a penguin craft for my students and I to complete together, but since I was feeling crummy I decided not to do that and instead take a nap.  Priorities, right?  Hoping to feel better tomorrow for my first day back with the kiddos.  Hope everyone had a great first day back today!