Saturday, September 20, 2014

Teaching Personal Space

Want a simple easy idea for teaching personal space in the primary grades?

I use colored electrical tape on tables to create each student's own "space."  They have to keep all their items within their space:  their crayon box, paper, chair, and body.

When they are crossing the tape line I just remind them to stay in their own space and they scoot right back or move their things.  Works like a charm!

The best part?  It is extremely easy for my students to distinguish which color table they are sitting at.  I use the tape to color code my tables.

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Peek at My Week ~ Keeping It Real

I wanted to post my first peek at my week for the school a couple weeks ago, but honestly I was a little intimidated.

I love reading about everyone's plans and looking at how other teachers organize their day.  Why was I intimidated then?  Well, it was because my students seem to be quite a bit further behind than other teacher's blogs I am reading.

Am I worried about this?  Well, honestly, yes, I am.  Only because I know where I need to get these little pumpkins at the end of the year.  I am not, though, going to stress about how my class is doing compared to other classes.

This week we are still focusing a lot on procedures.  Last week was a bit of a mess at our building so things were out of whack a bit.  (You can read about why here).

I am planning to have a 15 minute (or more if needed) to just review procedures again.  We will be reviewing and practicing everything from bathroom procedures to how to get a new pencil.  I know this will help in the long run of the year as it will my students.

Without further ado, here are my plans:

Reading:  We will continue working our way through the alphabet, but our main focus this week will be names.  (I have quite a few pumpkins who do not know how to write their name)  I plan on using my ABC book and then Deanna Jump's Name Unit.

Writing:  I am not sure if we are quite ready or not for this, but we are going to start using Deanna & Deedee's Writer's Workshop Unit #1.  (You can grab it here)

Math:  We are learning about numbers 1-10.  Last week we focused on 1-5 so this week we will focus on 6-10.  We will use my Number Book and Math Centers Starter Pack to help us learn our numbers.

Word Work:  We are going to start by trying to learn the difference between a letter and a word.  Then we will learn about our first two sight words:  a and I.  

Science:  We are learning about what a scientist is and then will complete some color mixing experiments.

My goal is do either my fall or farm unit next week, but I am not sure yet.  I need to see how my pumpkins are doing at the end of the week.  I would also like to introduce literacy and/or math centers next week, but once again we will see.  I don't want to start it before they are really ready.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


This week has seemed like it was at least a month long.  It was the hardest and most heartbreaking week of my life.

I debated on whether or not to share this on my blog, but I decided that teachers are the most loving, caring community.  I know that no matter what we are there for each other and support each other through thick and thin.

On Saturday night, very late, one of my co-workers got a hold of me asking if I had our principal's phone number.  (We have a new principal this year so not all of us had her cell number yet)  I told her I did not.

Then the shock of my life came.  She said, "Well I have some sad news to share, Jennifer passed away tonight."  I had to read that sentence at least five times before it sunk in.  My heart was breaking and tears were streaming down my face.

Jennifer was our resource teacher, or special education teacher.  Her passing has created a huge hole in the heart of our school.

I don't think you need me to share the details of my week.  I went through the motions of teaching but didn't really feel like I was there.

Instead today, I just want to remember Jennifer.  She was the most kind, most gentle, most patient person I have ever met.  She always thought of her students first.  She would do anything to help anyone who needed it.  She loved to wear long, warm sweaters.  Her son was the light of her life.

A couple years ago, I had a student who was severe special needs.  Jennifer never once complained about the extra things she and I had to do with this student.  Never once complained about the issues we faced daily.  Instead, she would come and get this little pumpkin from my room with a smile on her face each day.

That is how I will remember Jennifer.  As the sweet, caring teacher who loved to wear her long sweaters and always smiled at everyone she passed in the hallway.

I am thankful to my fellow co-workers in my building because without each other I don't think we would have made it through this week.  I am also extremely thankful to our school counselor for bringing in a grief counselor so that we could start our healing process.

Thank you for letting me share my story with you and keep Jennifer's memory alive.

Monday, September 1, 2014

September Currently

I can't believe that it is September.  I think the older I get the quicker time seems to fly by....anyone else with me?

It is time to link up with Farley for the September Currently.

Listening:  My little princess is sick and fell back asleep with our little puppy by her side.  I love listening to them sleep.

Loving:  I am so thankful for the extra day of the weekend.  It gave me time to spend with my sick little one today.

Thinking:  I have a huge to-do list, but when my kids are sick I push that list aside and just focus on cuddling with my little one.  The things on that list can get done tomorrow or another day.

Wanting:  I wish there were always three weekend days.  It has been so nice to have this extra time with my family.

Needing:  We are having an open house/commitment night tomorrow night at our school.  I need to get everything finished and prepped for it.

3 Trips:  There are many different trips I would love to take as I haven't been to very many places.  My top 3 places are Italy, Greece, and Hawaii.  I would love to go on a Mediterranean cruise so I could go to both Italy and Greece in the same trip.  My mom goes to Hawaii every other year.  Her pictures always look gorgeous and they have a great time.  I would love to go with my hubby for our 15 year anniversary.  We shall see!  :)

Have you linked up yet?  If you not, what are you waiting for?  This is one of my favorite linkys!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Procedure Fun!

Oh my word!  I completely forgot how exhausting the beginning of the year is.  I just sat down on the couch after dinner and almost fell asleep.  That was at 6:00.  Who else is having this same problem?

This week has been beyond full with teaching procedures.  My little pumpkins this year are needing a lot of extra practice with procedure practice.  We have been practicing walking through the hallways, holding the railing on the stairs, and sitting criss-cross applesauce.  I have not taught any "curriculum" yet and I am 100% ok with that.  I think it is so important to focus on teaching procedures and routines in the classroom until the students are so familiar with them that they are second nature.

Yes, you may lose a week or even two of "teaching time", but in the long run you will gain it all back.  Once my students have these procedures and routines down, I am able to teach for so much more time because I am not having to constantly remind them of these.

Now, throughout the year, you will need to go back and reteach those procedures from time to time.  It is important to do this especially after long breaks (like winter break, spring break, etc.).

What I love the most??  My new principal just said today in our staff meeting how important it is to just focus on procedures and routines.  She said when she taught 6th grade that she spent two weeks just teaching procedures and routines.  It made me realize how important this is not just in kindergarten, but in every grade.

I want to leave with you with something to ponder that my principal said.  She said that when she taught sixth grade she realized that her students knew how to walk in the hall, go through the lunch line, and play on the playground as fifth graders, but she needed to teach them how to do all these things as sixth graders because no one had done that yet.

Do you teach procedures and routines?  How long do you spend doing this?

Friday, August 22, 2014

I survived my first week (barely)!

Oh my goodness....the first week is over.  I have never been so tired in my whole life.  On top of that both myself and my kiddos got sick this week.  Yuck!

We spent the first week assessing students so that we could split them into two classes.  Just imagine 48 kids in one classroom with two teachers.  That is what I experienced all week!

The first day we took this cute pictures with the students.

We split the kiddos last night and had the whole day today with our own class.  We were not able to accomplish much though because we had a early out because of the heat.

I am looking forward to next week where I will pretty much be teaching and practicing procedures all week long!

How soon do you start your curriculum?  I like to take at least a week to just teach and practice procedures.  After that I usually start on Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.

Now I am off to take a nap.  Still exhausted!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Meet the Teacher

I am excited about Blog Hoppin's Back to School linky this week.  I am going to try to link up as many as days as I can, but can't promise anything because I go back to work today and we all know how exhausting the first week of school can be!


I have been married for 11 years.  I could not ask for a better husband.  He is kind and sweet and the best father in the world.  He is definitely my rock and the calm to my storm. and hav

We have two wonderful children who keep us on our toes!  My son is going to be 10 soon (he likes to remind me any chance he can get that he will be double digits) and my daughter just turned 7.  At the moment, they are both playing soccer which takes up most of our evenings, but I wouldn't have it any other way!


I have the best friends a girl could ask for!  I am beyond lucky to have so many supportive people in my life.

I can't forget my blogging buddies.


I don't get much spare time, but when I do....I LOVE to read, bake (cupcakes are my specialty), golf, and in the summer relax by the pool.

This year for our anniversary my hubby got me golf lessons.  I am super excited and I have come a LONG way!

I love to bake.  It is a stress reliever for me.  I usually don't eat what I bake though which is kinda weird.  Here is a cupcake wedding dress I made for my cousin's bridal shower!

Well I am off to my first day back to school.  We have professional development all day today, unpack your backpack night this evening and then the students start tomorrow.  I have a feeling I will going to bed early tonight!