Student Supplies Organization

In kindergarten, our students sit at tables (which I do love), but unfortunately every year I find myself in the predicament of "Where do I store all their supplies?"

Have you ever been in same situation?  I am here to help. I am going to show you how I store and organize all my students supplies.

First of all, my students sit at tables so they do not have a desk that can easily store their supplies.  Each student brings their own crayon box, but they do not keep a lot of items in it.  Here is what the student crayon boxes look like.

At the end of the day, my students put their crayon boxes on their chair so that our custodian can clean the tables really well.

At each table I have a "table tub".  What is in our table tub?  I like to keep items that the students need throughout the day, but are too big for their crayon boxes.

Here you can see the supplies I keep in their tubs.

Since my students have three notebooks in the tubs.  I color code them so they can easily grab the one they need.  I have a table captain each day and that student gets all the notebooks for the table.  (For example:  I will tell the table captain to grab all the green science & social studies notebooks.  The captain grabs them and then passes them out to the table.  This also helps students learn each other's names.)

Some supplies are too large for our crayon boxes and we don't need as often so we keep them in our cubbies.  I like to keep the students' coloring books in their cubbies because we only use them during special times.  I also use the cubbies to pass back papers after I have checked them.

All of our other supplies (like markers and colored pencils) are community supplies.  Here is where I store them.

I have a bucket for each table.  When the students need something like markers, the table captain grabs a basket for their table to share.

I like having supplies that are not used often in a different place.  This helps to avoid students using items like markers when I want them to use crayons and so on.

How do you organize student supplies?  I would love to hear!

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  1. Thanks for such great ideas. My kiddos sit at tables as well and they have cubbies where I usually keep their math workbooks and various journals. However it is such a pain for them to get them out, I only send one table at a time to get their supplies but it just seems to waste so much time. I love the tote with all the books for that table together. I am heading to Target tomorrow! I too use colored duct tape on my notebooks and journals...great minds think

    Luv My Kinders

  2. You're so super organized! I love the colored duct tape on the notebooks! Your custodians clean your tables? I'm envious!

    Sally from Elementary Matters

  3. Love your ideas! I will definitely use the duct tape for notebooks and table tubs! Thanks!

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  6. Wow! That's what I call organization skill! My children reconstruct all the clothes, boxes and space I give them to store their belongings. In the end, they start to loose their stuff inside the 'box' which is kind of funny) Well, as long as they are learning and improve their physical, intellectual strength, I'm happy. Here is what I find the best to present newly written material for them Children happy, parents happy, I'm happy!)