Let it Snow!

The teachers in my district started back to work on Monday with an inservice.  The students came back to school yesterday.  I was very excited to see all their smiling faces.  We spent a great deal of time on procedures and rules, but they were fantastic!  {It could have had something to do with the fact that they were all exhausted ;)}

We started in on learning about snow and winter.  I started out with having them write/draw about snow in their journals.  I didn't give them much direction other than it could be anything to do with snow.  I really wanted to see what they would come up with.  Most of them chose to write or draw about things to do in the snow.

Then we talked about what we would need to wear if we wanted to play outside in the snow.  We made this circle chart: {This idea came from Jessica Williamson}

Then we read the story "The Jacket I Wore in the Snow".  We made our sentences and illustrations to go along with the story.  {This is from Jessica Williamson's Wintery Fun Math & Literacy Unit}

On Tuesday, we read "The Snowy Day" and made some connections {Wintery Fun Unit}

On Wednesday, we learned about migration.  We pretended to be birds and flew from the north of the classroom to the south of the classroom and back again.  The students LOVED this.  I loved it because we got to move around and get our wiggles out a bit :)

We also practiced labeling.  My students are becoming labeling superstars!  We labeled our snowman and they did awesome!

Today we did some interactive writing.  This idea came from Deanna Jump.  It is hard to read in the picture, but it is an interactive writing on how to build a snowman.  This came from her Snowman Math & Literacy Unit.

It has been a long week with a lot going on during the school day and in the evenings.  So, I am going to get to bed right now!  Every night this week I have said I would get to bed early and haven't so tonight is the night!  Tomorrow is Friday.......can I get a whoooo hoooo???

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