Polar Bears

On Monday this week we learned about MLK, Jr. and then for the rest of the week we have been learning about Polar Bears.

We started of course by making a schema chart.

 We read many books about polar bears, both non-fiction and fiction.  We labeled our own polar bear.  {This polar bear craft came from Deanna Jump's Arctic Animal unit.}  The students will be making their own polar bears tomorrow.

We also sang, and sang, and sang the Polar Bear song from Deanna Jump's Arctic Animal unit.  My kids at home love this song and so do my kids at school.  We added the song to our journals.  Then we did a directed drawing of a polar bear.  {At some point, I think when I taught 3rd grade, I bought some books that teach you how to draw different animals and other things.  I use those to help with my directed drawings because I am no artist!}

 This little guy also wrote the word "krunch" because he said that was the sound you would hear when the polar bear ate the seal.  You can see his sad seal in the picture....ha!  Kids are brutally honest aren't they?

We have been having so much fun learning about polar bears.  We are also making our own All About Polar Bears books.  The students are doing fabulous with their writing, but I forgot to get some pictures of it.  Next week we will focus on walruses.  I probably won't be able to spend as much time as I would like on them because we have testing next week.....boo!


  1. I love all of your Polar Bear activities! I may have to do a mini-unit when I get back. The labeling chart is adorable. I really liked how you had the kids highlight sight words in the poem. A lot of times I will leave blanks for the kids to write them in, but it would be so fun to mix it up and have them actually FIND them. Thanks for sharing!!