I have tried many different things in the past to reward my students for good behavior or going out of their way.  Our school even has a program where students collect "coins" and then every two weeks the students use the "coins" to purchase something at the school store.  This program is wonderful, but for little five year olds it takes awhile to sink in.  Right now we have started collecting our "coins" but the store hasn't opened yet.

In my quest for something in the meantime, I decided treats would work wonderfully because they can immediately get it so they understand that in that moment they did something great and were rewarded. I am not saying I pass out treats all day long.....just for some important things.

This week we have been working on our stamina for working without talking.  I had some lofty goals, but with the heat this week all we were able to manage was about one minute of quiet working.  I was ok with this because they are still learning and it was terribly hard to focus in the heat!

Once we reached our one minute goal, the whole class received some "brain food" since our brains had just worked really hard.

"Brain Food" is just skittles. :)  Each student received 1 skittle for meeting our goal.  I know it doesn't sound like much, but it was a HUGE accomplishment for these kids and they were thrilled with 1 skittle.

I also have a "Sweet Treats" jar.  My "Sweet Treats" are just different flavored tootsie rolls.  I use this jar when we reach a goal for our data center or students return a really important paper like my back to school packet.

So far, the only reason I have given out these "Sweet Treats" is for returning their Kindergarten Survey and their Back to School Packet.  Our Kindergarten Survey is sent home for parents to fill out so we can get some important information about our students.  My Back to School Packet is all the information about our classroom from birthday treats to behavior to what we will learn.  I have a slip on the back where parents are to signed that they read and understand the packet.

What do you do for positive reinforcement in your classroom?  Do you do something big for your students when they reach certain goals?  I would love to hear!

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