Monday Made It!

For the first time this summer, I am linking up with Tara from 4th Grade Frolics.  I am finally done with my grad classes for the summer which means I finally have some time to do some crafts.

Everything I made this week was for my classroom.

My first craft was a bit of a fail on my part.  I had these locker crates that I was thinking of using at each table in my classroom.  I needed a yellow one so I decided to spray paint it, but I am not totally loving how it came out.  This picture is with three coats on the outside and two on the inside.  I used a whole can of yellow spray paint and it could obviously use another coat on the inside.  I may still get another can of spray paint and try to finish it, but I wouldn't hold your breath.  ;)

Once I was done messing with this, I started thinking about my table tubs and realized that I needed more space than these crates offered anyways so this worked out for the best.

Here is what I came up with for my table tubs.  (I will have a post soon all about how I use these.)

My last project was more challenging than it should have been.  The sewing machine and I were not getting along, but once I figured it out things were smooth sailing!

I don't have a desk, but rather a computer table.  The only thing I don't like is that you can see the side and I like to keep my DVD's under the desk.

I made this and attached it with velcro to hid the underneath of my desk.  Much better in my opinion. What do you think?

Now I just have to make my curtains to hide some of my shelving.  Hopefully, the sewing machine and I will continue to get along.  ;)


Guided Reading Organization Bright Idea

It's almost time to head back to school and I have started preparing for the beginning of the year.  I love getting my room ready each year.  Do you??

One of my favorite areas to organize is my guided reading area.  I am going to show you my bright idea for guided reading organization

I use one of those multi-drawer carts and keep it next to my guided reading table.

My reading groups have animal names so each drawer has a picture of an animal on it.  The animal corresponds with the groups.  On top of the cart, I have my guided reading basket.

When I call over a group, say the monkey group, I just pull out the monkey drawer and it will have everything I need for that day's lesson.

This is typical contents of my drawer.

I like to keep my student's guided reading notebooks in the group drawer because it is one less item in their cubby.  I put the book for that day, any flashcards we may need, pointers, and pencils.  Having pencils in each drawer eliminates time wasted while students go back to their crayon boxes to get a pencil.  Plus, I also know that the pencil is sharp and ready to go so no time wasted on sharpening pencils either.

I also keep a guided reading basket next to my table with extra supplies that I may need or supplies I might need for multiple groups.

I keep my guided reading lesson plan binder, whiteboards, extra flashcards, dry erase markers, pointers, question cards, etc.  I love having everything I may need right at my fingertips.

How do you organize your guided reading materials?  Would something like this work for you?

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Back to School MUST HAVES!

I know it is only July, but I ran up to school this past weekend just to grab something real quick and ending up leaving about two hours later.

Does this happen to anyone else?  Please tell me I'm not the only one!!

Spending that time in my classroom got me thinking about back to school and I started making a list of some items I needed to pick up for the beginning of the year.

I thought it would be fun to make a list of all my Back To School Must Haves!!

1.  Clorox Wipes - I know the custodians clean the room, but I just always feel better after giving everything a good clean with some Clorox wipes.

2.  Pens - The Papermate Ink Joy pens are my favorite because I use them to color code my planner.  I also love the Papermate Flair pens though too!

3.  Labels - I create labels for all my students' notebooks (math, science & social studies, guided reading, poetry).  I also like the small labels for labeling the students' folders, planners, etc.

4.  Ticonderoga Pencils - I ask my students to bring in pencils, but most pencils now really stink to be quite honest.  I buy tons of Ticonderoga ones to use because they sharpen the best and last the longest.  I use the regular yellow ones for my students and then I always purchase some different colored ones for me.  This way I always know which pencils are mine.  :)

5.  Binders - I use binders for my lesson plan book, assessment binder, and KIDS binder.  I also like to keep my TpT products in binders as well.

6.  Post It Notes - I mean.....does this really need an explanation??  I love having a huge variety of them!

7.  Scentos Markers - I love making cute anchor charts with my favorite Scentos markers.  I can't wait for these to hit the stores so I can purchase a few more sets.  I may have a *slight* Scentos obsession and may have even bought a new Thiry-One container just to hold all these babies.  ;)

What are your back to school MUST have items?  Please sound off in the comments below!  I love hearing everyone's ideas.


July is Here

How is it already July?  This summer seems to be flying by....probably because I have been so busy.  I am not complaining though.  I have been having a blast this summer.

I am linking up with Farley again for Currently.  Head on over to her blog to link up as well!

Listening:  I am on vacation in the Ozarks and it is "rest time" meaning that we have already been swimming, skiing, and kneeboarding.  Usually after lunch we take a little nap, but today I decided to stay up and enjoy the peace and quiet (well and blog ;).

 (I got my toes in the water.....)

Loving:  I love the lake life.  In fact, I keep singing that song "I love the night life", but I keep singing it as "I Love the Lake Life".  I may be annoying my husband, but it keeps me happy.

My little princess catching fish.

Thinking:  I wish we could stay here all summer, but we have to head home in a few days.  It is always just so relaxing here.

My little man doing the zipline!

Wanting:  I want time to stand still for awhile.  I am loving this summer!

Needing:  I have a paper due on Thursday for grad school and I am just not finding the motivation to get it done.  :(

4th plans:  We always celebrate down here and actually we are celebrating tomorrow.  The WHOLE family (well pretty much) will be here so we will be setting off fireworks here at the cabin, eating lots of yummy food, and just having a great time!  I can't wait!