Pinwheels for Peace

On Friday, September 21st we had Pinwheels for Peace day at our school (other schools in our district as participated).  It was ah-mazing!  And it was all thanks to our wonderful art teacher Theresa Gillespie (If you have a chance, you should check out her blog.....she is so creative!)  You can read more about this project here.

All of the students in our school created a pinwheel in our entire school created a pinwheel.  While making the pinwheels, the students learned about living peacefully and discussed what that means to them.  Our little kindergarten students just colored their pinwheels, but the upper grades put images and words on their pinwheels.  Here a few pictures of this amazing project!

It was so amazing to go outside and see all the pinwheels spinning with the breeze and every car that drove by slowed down to admire the pinwheels!  It was breathtaking!

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