Mission Statement & Goals

We use "Continuous Improvement" in our district.  One component of this is to have a classroom "Data Center".  Here is my data center.  It isn't anything super spectacular, but it serves the purpose well.  I like having mine on the chalkboard for three reasons: (1) I never that chalkboard in my room to write on, (2) It is a hard surface and easier for the kids to sign off on the goal they have accomplished, and (3) it is easier to change our the goals and the end of the quarter.

On my data center, I have a mission statement and SMART goals.  Here are some close up pictures of what I have made for my data center.  

Here are some of my "I can" signs and once the student accomplishes this goal they get to sign their name with a colored pencil on the poster.  As you know, that is a big deal to sign your name with a COLORED pencil in the color of your choice! ;)

If you are interested in having a set of these for your own data center, hop on over to my TPT store for this freebie!

Another component of "Continuous Improvement" is having student data folders.  These folders basically house all the student's individual data for the year.  They can be a folder or binder.  I am trying something new with mine this year and I will be posting more about this soon.

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