Fiction Stories & Chart

Another week has just flown by!  This week in my class we were finishing up our color unit.  Who better to learn about our colors with than Pete the Cat?  I just love those stories and so do my kindergarteners!!

One activity we did this week was learn about the term "fiction".  We discussed whether "Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes" could be a story that really happened.  Of course all my little friends said cats don't wear shoes, or play guitar, or drink coffee. :)  I then introduced the word fiction and gave them a brief definition.  We discussed things that would be fiction and then I gave each student a sticky note.  On their sticky note the student drew a picture of something fiction.

When they were finished, we came back to the carpet and this time I had them give me the definition of fiction and we created this chart:

The students came up one at a time and told the class about their picture and we decided whether or not it was fiction (they all were!).  It was wonderful to see the students take ownership of this class created fiction chart!

Today we will finish up our color unit with rainbow day.  We are making a Rainbow Hair book and Pete the Cat.  I will try to post about those this weekend!

Happy Friday!!

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