Kindergarten Progress Reports

In our district, we have conferences in the fall and the spring.

In the fall, we have the conferences at the end of the first quarter and present parent's with their child's first quarter report card.

In the spring, conferences are held about half-way through our third quarter.  This gives us plenty of time to address concerns before the end of the year.  Since we don't have report cards to give, I like to give out a progress report.  I made this one and then decided that it would be great to give to the parents in the middle of each quarter.

I list the third quarter expectation even though we aren't finished with third quarter so that parents understand where we need their child to be.

If you would like to grab this freebie, click on the image below.  I hope you find it as useful as I have.


FarFaria App Review & Giveaway

Have you ever wanted your students to have access to hundreds of books at their fingertips?

I know I do.  That's why I think the FarFaria app is so amazing.  It is a digital library with over 800 books and 5 new books are added each week.

I am lucky enough to have 6 iPads in my classroom plus my "teacher" iPad.  My students use the iPads for a variety activities throughout the day, but one of their favorites is for our "Listen to Reading" center during our guided reading time.  FarFaria was perfect for this center.  Let me show you why.

When you access the app, the home screen will show you recently added books, your recently read books, and some thematic books.  For example, right now there is a category of "Books for Black History Month."

Students can choose books here or click on Explore and explore the different FarFaria worlds.  These include Mt. Make Believe, Preschool Playground, Adventure Island, and many others.  This is my students' favorite.  They get to choose stories from their favorite worlds.  

One of the many features I love is that the books are aligned to my students' reading levels.  I can easily choose books for my students to read based on reading level.

Another feature that makes me swoon:  the app has the option for students to either read the story to themselves or have it read to them.  I usually have my students listen to the story first and then if the story is at the correct reading level I have the students also read it to themselves.  

When they choose the read to me option, the story highlights the words as they are being said.  I can't imagine a teacher who wouldn't love that option.  

In addition to using this at center time, I have started using this when my "high flyers" finish early.  I am able to give them an iPad and they are so engaged in the stories that it makes it hard for me to tell them to put them away!  

This app has helped my students get even more excited about reading.  I can't say that I blame them......I am so excited about this app myself.  We even downloaded it on our home iPad so my son and daughter can use.  My kids read every night and sometimes we run out of books before we have a chance to get back to the library.  FarFaria saves the day!  We have so many books at our fingertips it makes our nightly reading even more engaging and FUN!

There are many more amazing features.  We can save our favorite books to My Favorites.  There is also a book club where you can interact with others about the books you are reading.

Are you thinking that this amazing app would be the perfect addition to your classroom?  Well, you are in luck.  Zach from FarFaria has agreed to give away a subscription.  If you don't win, that's ok, they have a free version, but I highly recommend the subscription.  It is totally worth it!

This giveaway will end at midnight on Sunday, March 1st.  Good luck!

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Five for Friday {100th Day Style}

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for Five for Friday.

I am going to share my 5 favorite moments from our 100th Day celebration today.

We dressed up like we were 100 years old!  These are just a couple of my favorite outfits.

We, of course, made hats and fruit loop necklaces.  My room continued to smell like fruit loops all day long!

{Another one of my favorite outfits of the day!}

We did a center rotation with the other kindergarten class.  We spread them out to 6 different activities.  Here are a few.

Our friend Zero the Hero brought us a yummy treat.  I just melt white chocolate and then add a pretzel stick and two m&m's so it looks like a 100.  Simple and easy.

At the end of the day we made this fun craft.  I am not sure where it is from.  If you do, let me know in the comments below so I can give that person a shout out!

Needless to say, now this teacher is EXHAUSTED!  Therefore, I am heading to lay down with a good book and a warm blanket.

How do you celebrate 100th day in your classroom?  I would love to hear!