ABC End of Year Countdown

I know this may be coming to most of you a little LOT late, but I wanted to post about it anyways.  You can pin it and save the idea for next year if you want.  :)

Each year for the last 26 days of school I do an ABC Countdown.  This is not my original idea in fact it has been around since before I started teaching.  I have seen it where some schools start at the letter Z and work their way to the letter A, but I do just the opposite.  I start at the letter A and the last day of school is the letter Z.  My students always love doing this and it helps promote good behavior during those last few weeks when the students (and teachers) are just excited for summer to arrive.

Each year I go over every single ABC countdown I have done and look to see what ideas I want to use for the current year.  If you want to see my last year's countdown, you can click {here}.  This year I decided that it would be so much easier to just compile one big list and then add to it as I get other ideas.

I wanted to share this wealth of ideas with you.  If you would like to see my list of ABC countdown ideas, please click on the images below.  Some of these may not be right for kindergarten, but I put them on there anyways.  It is a list that I have basically been creating for the past nine years.  I hope you enjoy.

If you have other ideas we can add to the list, please comment below and I will update it.  :)

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  1. This is a FANTASTIC list of ideas! Thanks so much for sharing. :) How fun!

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