Procedures & Routines

I have officially survived my first FULL week of school and it was a HOT one!  I am so excited with how well my little kinders are doing.  They are starting to get down routines and procedures.  I focus a lot on routine and procedures the first two weeks of school which means not a lot of curriculum is taught.  I figure it this way though the better they are at routines and procedures in our classroom then the more I will get to teach throughout the year!

We learned all about our morning procedures (except our lunch count magnets which we will start on Monday) and I will be taking pictures of the students doing procedure in the morning and create a flow chart to hang in our classroom.  I will post about this later in the week.

We have been working super hard on being good listeners.  Boy are they trying hard!  We made these charts about being good listeners.

Then we talked about whole body listening and I added two charts from Erica Bohrer in between my charts.  

Lastly we worked on our stamina.  It is so hard for these little kinders to work quietly.  So we started with just one minute they had to work on a paper where they were drawing their family for one whole minute without anyone talking.  It took three tries, but we finally did it!  We celebrate with a cheer and everyone got a skittle :)  Hoping by the end of next week we can be up to two minutes!

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  1. Amanda love, have you ever blogged about how you teach center routines and rules? Like how many centers do you introduce each week and how at the beginning of the year? Thanks!

    Fun in PreK-1