Halloween Crafts

Halloween is in full swing at my school.  We have an Oktoberfest family night tomorrow night at school.  The families get to come dressed up in their Halloween costumes, play games, get candy, participate in a costume contest, and even get their picture taken with a scary monster.  :)  It is so much fun!  Each classroom makes a Halloween craft to hang up in the gym for the event.  I had already planned on making our Frankenstein Yourself crafts, but I didn't want them in the gym.  (Mainly because everyone touches them as they walk by them on their way to lunch and I didn't want them to get ruined.)

My fabulous student teacher and I decided we wanted to create something cute and easy to make.  We helped the students make these adorable ghosts.

We used 9x12 black construction paper, but cut it in half.  Students made a handprint with white paint.  Once the paint was dry I had the students draw their eyes and mouth with a black crayon, but you could always use black paint.

As I said, we also made our Frankensteins.  The kids LOVED them as did every person who walked by our room.  I am so happy with how they turned out!

I think the best part of making these was seeing the students' faces when they saw their finished project of having their own face on a Frankenstein….priceless!

With Halloween being in full swing, my kiddos have been wound up and extra chatty.  This makes me one tired teacher!!  I think I will be heading to bed early tonight.  Any one else experiencing this?!?


Frankenstein Yourself!

We are gearing up for Halloween in my classroom this week.  I have a lot of fun activities planned that incorporate literacy, math, and Halloween.  Here is the activity that I am MOST excited about:

Frankenstein Yourself Craftivity and Writing Activity

Last year I made an Elf Yourself Craftivity and it was a huge hit with my students and the parents.  I decided to make a Halloween version with Frankenstein.  I can't wait to see all my little kinder babies as Frankensteins.  If you are interested in the craftivity, please click on the image below.

I would also love to give a couple away.  Make sure you follow my blog and TpT store.  All you need to do is comment below with your name, email address, and your favorite Halloween activity you do in your classroom.  I will choose a winner Sunday (10/27) evening before I go to bed!  :)

I had my husband, son, and daughter each choose a number and our winners are Rene, Beth, and Cindy.  Check your email ladies!  Thanks to everyone who participated.

Check back later this week to see all our Halloween fun!

Guess What?

Guess who gets to start teaching again on Monday?  Can you guess?  Yep.....ME!  I LOVE my student teacher.  She is fabulous, wonderful, fantastic, amazing, etc.  But I am definitely missing teaching my kinder babies.  This week I am supposed to be out of the room for "virtually all of the time" according to her college.  It has been so hard.

Watch out now because I will probably be posting more regularly from now on.  Since I will be doing some of the teaching again, I will have something to post about again.  :)

Today was my Friday because I took tomorrow off to spend with my hubby.  It was so nice not having to write sub plans.  You feel me right?

Anyways, have a great weekend everyone!!!!!!

Learning about the Farm

I have a hard time posting on the blog lately because my student teacher is teaching full time.  It has been nice because I have been able to pull students and assess or give them a little extra help, but I don't feel like I have a whole lot to say on the blog.

This week we were learning all about the farm and farm animals.  My sweet student teacher had a great idea to mix a great story with a math lesson from Saxon that is usually pretty boring.  :)

She read the story "Rosie's Walk" by Pat Hutchins.  It is all about a hen named Rosie who decides to go for a walk.  While on her walk a fox follows her, but she is unaware.  It is a cute little story.

Then my little kinder babies each made a little Rosie for themselves.  The students took their Rosie for a "walk" using positional words.  They went over, under, around, etc.  It was so much fun.  Here are a couple pictures.

The students also created a farm animal book.  Each day the students learned about a new farm animal and they wrote about the animal of the day.  My student teacher cut the books into the shape of a barn.  I think they turned out great!  :)

One day our animal was pigs.  We made "mud" or chocolate pudding.  The students also created these mud poems with adjectives we brainstormed.  Then they used their fingerprints to created little pigs at the bottom.

On Friday, we learned about cows.  We, of course, had to have a milk tasting.  We tried white, chocolate, and strawberry milk.  For the first time ever, strawberry milk was the winner in the classroom.  Usually chocolate milk wins.  

Last year, I made a farm mini-unit.  I plan on updating it as it was one of my first TpT units.  If you are interested in it, please click on the image below.

Next week, we are going to start learning about pumpkins as well as going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch.  It should be a lot of fun.  Fingers crossed for good weather.  :)


October Currently with a Treat

It's that time again.......Currently time!  :)

I am linking up again with Farley for the October Currently.

LISTENING:  The hubby is watching the newest Star Trek movie while I am blogging.  I am only about half paying attention to the movie.  I am not really a science fiction kind of girl, but it's o.k.

LOVING:  I am loving my student teacher.  You may have figured that out from this post.  She is great!  I feel so lucky to have such a great person in my room.  My students are learning so much from her as am I.  :)

THINKING:  I am thinking I should finish my assignment for my grad class, but I am also thinking that I probably won't finish it tonight.  I have been so busy every evening lately that I kind of just want the night to relax a bit.

WANTING:  The weather here has been beautiful and I am hoping it will stay.  It was so nice at the soccer fields this weekend.  Hoping this will stick around for a few more weeks.  

NEEDING:  I feel very content right now and I don't feel like I need anything!  Isn't that a wonderful feeling?

TRICK OR TREAT:  I am choosing to give you all a treat.  This week my kiddos have been learning about the farm.  Here is a little farm animal math survey that you can have for free by clicking on the image below.  There is a color version as well as a black & white version.

Tomorrow I will be posting about a cute farm animal activity my class did this week.  :)