Farm Unit

We started our two week farm unit today.  This will be our first big thematic unit of the year.  I love teaching the farm unit.  It is amazing what the students can learn about farms and farm animals.

We learned about schema and made our first schema chart of the year.  (We started adding some new learning after I snapped a picture :)

Then we read Deanna Jump's "What Do You Do?" book from her Fun on the Farm Unit.  I asked the students about what animals were in the story and what other animals could be on a farm.  We made this circle map. (Please forgive my terrible circles)

The students played letter match memory from my farm unit on TPT.

Then we made a pocket chart story and "buttered" our popcorn words.

If you are interested in the activities I created, you can click on the image below for my farm unit in my TPT store.

Check back to see what other fun we have while learning about the farm!


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