Reading during Literacy Centers

It seemed like over winter break my students "forgot" how to read to someone and read to self.  I decided that before we headed full force into literacy centers again we would take some time to practice these centers.  We spent the last two weeks "practicing" during literacy center time so that way Monday we can go back to our regularly scheduled literacy centers.

I did not mind taking this time to "practice" again because it will be so beneficial in the long run.  We started with read to self and I had the students read for as long as they could.  The first day back we only were able to read for about 7 minutes.  Then we tried read to someone and were able to read for even less time.  Every day we looked at our stamina and tried to beat it.  I am happy to say that today we were able to read to self for 15 minutes.  I was so excited!!  We finally worked our way back up to where we were before break.

Before we started Read to Someone, we started going over questions the partners could ask each other about the story.  For now, I am keeping it simple with two questions:
~Did you like story?  Why or why not?
~What was your favorite part of the story?

As we dive into story elements more, we will discuss other questions to ask, but for now I am keeping it simple.  :)

Building Read to Someone stamina has been a bit more challenging only because my students are having a hard time whispering to their partner.  As I was walking around the room today, I noticed that the students were having a hard time with this because they were EXCITED about what they were reading.  I was just in awe.  They were on task, reading the stories, and asking questions!  It was great.  Look at these pictures.

You can just see their excitement.  It is definitely a proud mama moment.  I know they weren't being as quiet as they should be, but how can you be upset when it is because they are so interested in the book and are excited to talk about it with their partner?

Do you practice your literacy centers again after break or do you just dive right in?  I would love to hear what you do!

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