Peek at My Week

You might be wondering why it is Tuesday and I am posting my "Peek at My Week".  That is because we had a "cold day" yesterday and another one today.

My lesson plans are all kinds of wacko with that and we have to start our CogAT testing this week.  That means that I have three days with my kiddos and half the time I am going to be administering a standardized test.  :(

(I did not put my plans into a pdf because they are so short this week)

These "cold days" have also pushed our 100th day back to Monday now.  I am kinda loving that though because then I get all weekend to plan and prep for that fabulous day!

I am off now to go hunt for some new ideas for 100th day.  Do you do anything special for 100th day?  I would love to hear the comments below!

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  1. Hi! I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to 100th day ideas. I try to use a variety to make it like a party day for my Pre-K kiddos (especially since it is only 2hr45min).