Want to Peek at my Week?

I promised I would have a school related post this weekend.  It's Sunday night so I made it just in time.  :)

I go back to work tomorrow.  I LOVE my job, but I have enjoyed my time with my family so much!  I have missed all my other 21 kids though and I am excited to see them all on Tuesday.  (Tomorrow is a teacher inservice day)

I need to get back in the swing of things and I thought the best way would be to join Peek at My Week from the fabulous Mrs. Wills.

Here are my lesson plans for the week, but before you look at them I want to add a disclaimer:  These will be very flexible as I am assuming that I will be spending a lot of time reviewing classroom procedures and rules.  (I am total ok with going off the lesson plans in order to bring peace and order to the classroom)

We will be using my newly updated winter math centers as well as my brand new winter literacy centers.

Here are some pictures of my new centers.  My daughter was eager to try them out and I snapped some pictures of the little monkey doing them.  :)


You can grab these activities by clicking the images below.  Since my winter literacy centers is brand new, it will be discounted for today only.  When I get up in the morning, it will be back to regular price.  You can also grab these together in a bundle.


  1. Any hope of getting a snow day or a day off for the cold tomorrow?!? I know you're an Illinois teacher too! :)

    Teacher at Heart
    Teachers Pay Teachers

    1. I wish! We have a teacher inservice and have already been emailed three times saying we will have to be there. :(

  2. So fun that you have a test subject at home (that sounds so harsh!). My girls are in high school and they very rarely let me try out classroom activities on them. I will also be all about reviewing classroom procedures this week. I'm sure we will be falling away from the lesson plans a lot! That's ok though, because that's what makes us tick! Love your visual plans!