Peek at My Week

My three day weekend just flew about yours?  Did you have today off or were you teaching today?

I waited until today to finish my lesson plans.  I plan on focusing on MLK, Jr. tomorrow and then we will learn all about penguins for the rest of the week.  Click on the images below to take a closer look at my plans.  All the units are clickable once you view it.

For my MLK, Jr. activities tomorrow, I plan on using my friend Elizabeth's "I Have a Dream Pack".  Click on the image to take a closer look at it.  

While we are learning all about MLK and penguins, I will also be finishing up my students' reading levels.  We will be busy little bees this week.

As you probably know, I participated in a Facebook freebie hop this weekend.  To thank all my followers, I will have a fan only freebie on my Facebook page starting tomorrow.  Make sure you "like" my page {here} so you don't miss out!

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  1. My 3-day weekend flew by, too. I felt like I was working hard at *something* the whole time, but I'm not sure just what. Ha. Have a great week. Love those plans!


    Always Adapting