Read & Write the Room

I had a great about you?  Want to know what was so great?  Well really it was just a bunch of little things.  My class was awesome! {Which they pretty much have been since break and I couldn't be a more proud mama bear!}  My kids at home actually told me more than two things about their day at school!  {Normally I have a hard time dragging anything out of them about their school day.}  We didn't turn on the T.V. the whole evening!  I listened to both kids read books, we played, we laughed, we danced.  Yep....doesn't get much better than that!  Oh, and I also FINALLY finished my Read & Write the Room All Year Long pack.  Woah buddy!  And it only took me like an hour to finally get it uploaded onto TpT. ;)

My students love the read & write the room center in my classroom.  Originally, I would let the students walk around the room with a pointer and read words.  I also had a generic sheet for them to write any words in the room that they saw that they were able to READ.  Once center time was over, the students had to bring their sheet to me and read the words that were written.  I was noticing that more and more the students could not remember what they wrote or they just wrote a word because their partner wrote it.  They couldn't READ the word.

I thought about this and decided I needed to make an activity that was more specific.  In my Penguin mini-unit, I created an Arctic Animal Read & Write the Room activity.  My students are LOVING this. I mean they get excited each day to see if they get to go to that center.  In fact, I hear a big "yes!" after I call the names for that center each day.  haha!

I placed laminated word cards around the room.  Each card has a word and a matching picture.  The students each get a clipboard and a recording sheet.  The recording sheet also has the same pictures on it.  This way the students know which words they are still looking for.  If my students finish finding and writing down all the words, then they may choose a pointer and read the room as before.

This center was also my most problematic as far as behavior.  Now the students at this center are so focused that I haven't had any behavior problems since changing up this center.

 I was loving this idea so much that I decided to make a year round read & write the room pack.  I have included 15 different read & write the room activities.  I told my students about this and they were literally jumping for joy!  I have included the Arctic Animal Read & Write the Room in this pack as well.

Click on either one of the images to get this year long activity pack for yourself.  I think you will the ease of these activities and I know your students will love doing them as much as mine do!  This packet is half off for the first 24 hours only!  Don't miss out.  Head over there now to get yourself a copy!


  1. I am glad you had a great day! I like how you changed up the read/write the room center. It is a fun one for kids, but hard to manage and it isn't always meaningful if they just write random things.

    I love your ideas!

    Compassionate Teacher

    1. Thanks Becky! I am loving the way the center is working now........I don't know why I didn't think of this sooner? :)

  2. Hi Amanda!
    Isn't theme-related more engaging?!?! I think the more we can double-dip and get more "purposeful" use out of monthly themed units THE BETTER!!
    SO glad you had a fabulous day!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  3. Hey Lady :)
    I am so happy that you had a good day! Isn't it just the best when things just go RIGHT?! I am seriously excited to hear about your Read & Write the room. Love it! I'm headed over right now to snag it while it's half off! Thanks so much for sharing - my kids are going to adore this!

    1. Thanks Khrys! I hope your students enjoy the activity as much as mine do. :)