Penguins and Math Surveys

We started our penguin unit and I am loving it!  I absolutely love teaching about penguins.  They are just so darn cute!

We started by making a schema chart.

We read Penguins by Gail Gibbons and then added some information to our new learning portion of the chart.

Then we learned this penguin song I made up! :)  We were singing this bad boy all day!

This afternoon we did our very first math survey.  I love this idea, but I didn't quite think my little friends were ready before Christmas break so I waited until this week to start on these.  Here is the survey that we did today.

I have to say I was so impressed by how well the students did for their first time doing this.  Here are some pictures of my little sweeties asking their friends if they like cold weather.

I think I was most excited during this activity when one of my little sweeties who struggles the most in my class came up to me.  The students were on their way back to their tables to complete the graph portion of the survey.  He said, "Mrs. Pauley yes has more than no.  It has 9 and no has 1."  Now for most of my students this would not have been anything earth shattering, but for this little pumpkin it was!!  {He still struggles with recognizing some numbers.}  I immediately told him that he was exactly right and how proud I was of him for figuring that out.  This made my day!

The math survey and penguin song are both part of my penguin mini-unit on TpT.  Click on the image below to get it for yourself.

Today I indulged a dove dark chocolate and this is the message that was inside.  I truly agree with this.

And just for a little laugh because who doesn't need a laugh.  This is a postcard that my grandparents sent to my daughter from their winter getaway in Florida.  Last week she ran under my son's remote control helicopter and it got stuck in her hair.

My grandpa always sends the kids funny postcards from wherever they go.  He did the same when I was a child.  We love to get them.  They brighten our day!

Have a great week!


  1. I love your scheme chart, it is soooo cute! I really like the idea of doing a math survey. We've done a lot of graphing activities but I like the idea of them walking around and surveying others. Fantastic stuff! I will definitely be trying that with my littles soon. Thanks for sharing! Also, the postcard is hilarious! I bet your kids loved it :) your grandparents may not be too far away from us here in Fort Myers!

    1. I meant schema.... Darn autocorrect on my iPad!

    2. Thanks Khrys! I am going to have a math survey freebie later in the week :)