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As teachers, we are always looking for great ideas, which is why I am excited about our "Bright Ideas Blog Hop!"  You are going to get a TON of great ideas throughout this hop.

Want a fun and engaging cooperative learning activity?  Look no further.  I have an easy and fun way to incorporate cooperative learning into your classroom.

I started this activity by reading the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds.  The girl doesn't think she can draw, but her art teacher shows her that she really can even if it just a dot.  (If you have never read this story, you's fabulous!)  We then discuss the story.

Then I gave each team one blank piece of paper.  Each person in the team was only allowed one crayon and they each had to choose a different color.  I also told the students that they were not allowed to talk during this activity (mainly because I didn't want one student telling another what to do).

The person who has the paper first draws a line with their crayon and then passes it on to the next person.  That person adds another mark or line and then passes it on.  The next person adds to the picture with their crayon and then passes it on.

It was fun to watch the students figure out how to make this into a "picture" of some kind.  I kid you not this was the quietest the students have been ALL YEAR!  They loved watching their teammates add to their team picture.

I plan on hanging these above their tables and adding their team names on the back side of the paper. They were all so proud of their pictures.

{This one ended up being a tent with grass.}

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  1. What a fun idea! I bet even my fifth graders would enjoy this. The biggest challenge would be no talking!

    Sara :)
    The Colorful Apple