February Currently

Today is February 1st which means two things......it's my sweet grandpa's birthday and it's time for the currently linky.

First I have to say "Happy Birthday Grandpa!"  :)

Now onto the Currently:

Listening:  My son is watching a lego cartoon and I am sitting here next to him.

Loving:  If you follow me on Facebook or Intsagram, you have probably already seen this picture.  I just love it.  It captures the perfect moment of this little sweetie in my class while we were doing our blubber experiment.

Thinking:  We had four days this month of no school because of extremely cold wind chill temps.  Today I spent an hour (I am not exaggerating) shoveling our driveway because our snowblower broke.  The forecast calls for 18-24 more inches of snow this week.  Come on Spring!!!  I need you!

Wanting:  I have been procrastinating big time on my assignment that is due Monday.  I need to get my booty in gear because unfortunately it is not going to do itself no matter what I think. ;)

Needing:  Last night the hubby and I had a long conversation about me not taking on so much.  Unfortunately right now there isn't anything that I can take off my plate (or that I am willing to).  I have promised him that next school year I won't say "yes" to everything!  It is hard because I love being so involved in everything, but it is just not working for our family especially while I am in grad school.

2 truths and a fib:
1.  TRUTH:  I spent my first month of my first year teaching on maternity leave.  I was pregnant when I was hired.  It was definitely hard starting off my first year this way, but I learned so much from it!!

2.  FIB:  My favorite food is chocolate.  I do love chocolate, but my favorite food is strawberries.  I could eat them all day every day....yum!

3.  TRUTH:  I have never had a ticket.  (Knock on wood!)  I have never got a ticket of any kind and I hope to keep it that way!!  :)

And I am throwing a sale tomorrow in celebration of the big game.  Click on the image to head to my store.


  1. I found you on Farley's linky! I bet you do have a lot on your plate...grad school seems tough enough as it is! I wish strawberries were my favorite food. They're far healthier than my favorite foods, which include chocolate and coffee! :)

    Sarah Beth
    Miss White's Classroom

  2. That's impressive that you've never had a ticket! Also, your blubber experiment looks super fun.

    Hope the snow stops soon and that life settles down a bit for you.

    Compassionate Teacher

  3. I've probably had enough tickets for you and me! That's great. The pic is still super cute - saw the post on IG. Have fun on your paper.

    Enchanted Kinder Garden