Five for Friday

I was so glad to see Friday this week.  It has been a busy one and next week is even busier!!

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs again this week.

We are using iPads during our literacy center time.  My students are loving it and I am noticing a difference in their blending and segmenting from using this phonemic awareness app.

{I will post about the apps we are using later this weekend.}

My students are working on a writing sample that I can show at conferences next week. They are doing great!

We started learning about the winter games this week.  We made a web of events at the winter games, wrote about a winter game we would like to try, and even read an emergent reader all about the games.

When we read our emergent reader books, the students "butter" popcorn words, circle punctuation with red crayons, color the pictures, and then they read it again and again!

I was so excited by this little kinder babies writing.  He has always struggled and usually won't even try to write (just ends up scribbling), but today he completed our writing prompt.  I was so proud and he was beyond thrilled with himself!

{"I want to play hockey because it is cool"}

We had our own winter games today with an opening ceremony and math games.  Every student won either a gold, silver, or bronze medal.  :)

{This was our "torch" that our leader carried during our opening ceremony.}

I unfortunately couldn't get any good pictures of the kids while they were playing our "games".  We used dice and whoever got the highest number won the gold, second highest won silver, and smallest number won bronze. 

The Winter Games activities in this post are all in my "Winter Games mini-unit".


  1. Hi Amanda, I wanted to stop by and tell you that I found you on the Five for Friday Linky and that I can't wait to read which apps you are using for your kinders. What a great unit on the Olympics to bring a wonderful text connection. I am excited that your little guy wrote such a great sentence. I enlarged the picture so I could read what he wrote. How exciting!!!
    Deb at Fabulously First

  2. Amanda, I love this post! LOVE that you butter those popcorn words and circle the punctuation! I know exactly how excited you felt with that one little boy's writing. It is such a wonderful feeling. I can't wait to see what apps you use with your iPad!
    Kindergarten: Holding Hands and Sticking Together