Gave it a Whirl Wednesday

Did you participate in our Bright Ideas Blog Hop?  I loved hopping around and seeing all the great ideas.  I even tried a few out in my own classroom.

I am linking up with Nicole from Mrs. Rios Teaches for Gave It A Whirl Wednesday.

Kathy Griffin posted about Brain Breaks in the Bright Ideas Blog Hop.  We love brain breaks in our classroom especially since the weather has made it impossible to get outside for recess.  She gave some great ideas for brain breaks, but I chose one in particular to give a whirl......Just Dance on youtube.

My kiddos love to dance and get up and move around.  They also love "What Does the Fox Say?"  Lucky me, I found a Just Dance version of this song on youtube.  Here is a fun pic and a short clip of my students following along.

After doing a little dance or two, my students are ready to calm down and work.

Kathy didn't mention this one, but since we are talking about Brain Breaks I thought I would share another great youtube video to use if you like brain breaks, yoga, and stories.  :)

My friend Elizabeth from Kickin' It In Kindergarten shared Cosmic Yoga with me.  My students and I are in love!

What do you do Brain Breaks in your classroom?  I would love to hear in the comments below!  :)


  1. These are so great :) I will have to figure out how we can play them at work since we don't have streaming internet yet :/ We use -- these are 5 minute brain breaks that can be downloaded to your computer and my Kinders love it!

    Owl Be in Kindergarten

  2. This is something I definitely have been wanting to try, Amanda. We have a couple of movement videos on Discovery Streaming, but the kids need more options. And I LOVE the video of your kids dancing and singing. So cute! Thanks for linking up!

    Mrs, Rios Teaches Second Grade

  3. I love the idea of Brain Breaks! I've heard about it a couple years ago, but have never implemented it... I simply stop and do some stretching exercises of my own with them, but I am sure they would much rather follow these fun 'characters' on the SMART board! These videos are going to be my new go to! Thanks for sharing!

    I is for Inspire

  4. We use Just Dance a lot. If my IA can't take them outside for a particular reason, she does Just Dance. Or anything else that involves dancing and music to get them active!!!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten