Leprechauns, Lucky, Freebie, and a Sale!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Warning:  This post is a little long!  Sorry friends, but I have been busy and I am trying to squeeze two posts into one.  You don't mind do you???

Well I am going to be completely honest with you friends.  My class has been bonkers this week.  I mean full out bonkers.  It doesn't help that I was sick with the flu for half the week.  Monday we are doing some serious work on behavior.  Anyways, I just needed to get that out.  Has anyone else had this same problem this week?  It could also be due to the fact that we have one week of school and then spring break.  I think they have a touch of spring fever on top of it all!

Here is a small peek at what we did to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in my classroom.  On Friday morning we completed our chit-chat chart:

We read a few leprechaun and St. Patrick's Day stories.  Of course, we also read "There was an Old Lady who swallowed a Clover."  The Old Lady books are favorites in my classroom.  As soon as I finished reading it the students asked me to read it again.  I love that!!

Then we did a little skittles math.  The sorting page was a freebie on TpT from Ms. Trinh.  You can find it {here}.  I bought the little pre-packaged fun sized skittles for my class so they each had their own and then I didn't have to bag up a bunch of skittles.  :)

They traced each color word with that same color crayon, sorted the skittles by color and then wrote how many of each color in the circle.

Then we used the graph and activity sheet from Deanna Jump's St. Patrick's Day unit to finish up our activity.  You can find that {here}.  We graphed how many of each color we had in our bags then we completed the activity sheet.  They all did a fantastic job.

Then of course we had to eat our skittles to see which color was our favorite!  That was their favorite part......ha!

At lunchtime, I ran into my classroom as soon as I dropped the kids off to lunch and got the room "ready".  When they came back from lunch, the room had been destroyed by Louie the Leprechaun.  Oh NO!!  Here is a little bit of what the kids saw:

Louie left us a message and he left footprints all around the room.  He definitely trashed the place.  The kids favorite was that he hung our ABC caterpillar up from our projector.  He also left us small pieces "gold" around the room for us to find.  You can see a piece of "gold" on the bookshelf in the top right picture.  They were just rocks spray painted gold, but the kids cherished them.  He also left a gold treat to eat......rolos!  Yummy.  One of my favorites.  :)

At the end of the day the students got to take home a baggie filled lucky charms.  On one side of the bag it said "You are my Lucky Charm."  On the other side of the bag it said "Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Love, Mrs. Pauley."  I totally forgot to take a picture of these cute little bags, but I am sure you get the idea!

Now since it is St. Patrick's Day and I am feeling the Luck of the Irish {probably because I am Irish!} I am linking up with fabulous blogging buddy Brittany from Lovely Literacy & More for her Lucky Linky.  {You want to read all the way to the end because there is a freebie for you!}

I love that Brittany captioned all her photos with hashtags so I am going to join in on the fun and do the same.  Here are some reasons why I am feeling lucky!

I am so lucky that I married one of my best friends.  We are the perfect fit for each other and he is the most amazing husband I could ever ask for.  This year we are celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  {No, I'm not that old.....we just got married in our very early 20's}.  He is also a wonderful father to our two perfect kiddos!


Here are my angels dressed up as pirates for a pirate day at our local library.  I just don't think it gets any better than being a mom.  I never knew you could love someone as much as you do your own kids.  They complete my world!

 My mom and I at Disney World this past summer.  We took part in the Epcot Wine Walk.  If you ever go to Disney World, you need to do that!

My daddy and I at my Grandpa's house in TN for his side of the family's reunion.  

My parents are the best.  I am not always agree with them, but I am so lucky and thankful that they both have always been supportive in everything I do.  They are both wonderful grandparents to my kids.

On our Disney trip at Epcot with my in-laws.

Since day 1, my in-laws have treated like I am their own.  It is wonderful.  I am so lucky because I know that no all people get along with their in-laws.  Mine are always looking for out me {especially when the hubby is away or working late, etc.}.  They are also amazing grandparents to not only my kids, but the close to 20 grandkids they do have!  

A couple years ago at Christmas (couldn't find my more recent pic).

This is from my sister's 8th grade graduation party.....about 7 years ago....ha!

Grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, I am so thankful to call them all my family.  The first is a picture of my mom's family.  The second is a picture of my dad's family.  

 Our two best friends.  Love them both to pieces.

 So thankful I can call my co-workers my friends.  They are all fabulous!  I mean, just look at them!

Sorry this pic is blurry, but I love these ladies too and couldn't leave them out!

I am so lucky to have the world's best blogging buds!  These ladies have been a wonderful support and I just love them all!  I am just going to list a few of them below.   Believe me there are so many wonderful bloggers out there that I can't possibly list them all.  {Click on their names to visit their blogs.}

Are you still reading??  If you are, you are such a good sport and I am so LUCKY to have fabulous followers like you!  I truly thank each and every one of you that reads my blog.  It just makes my heart swell to think about it.  As a big thank you, I am posting a freebie here for you.  

For third quarter, which ended yesterday for us, we have to assess if students can "match sets to 15".  I created this printable to quickly assess the students on this skill.  Click on the image below to grab a copy for yourself.

I am also throwing a sale today in my TPT store.  Click {here} to head there and take advantage of the 20%!


  1. Loved reading about your St. Patty's Day fun! I bet your kiddos had a blast. We are going to do a little belated "green" fun this week. We had report cards due this past week and parent/teacher conferences so I didn't really get in the "green" that I wanted. Better late than never, right? Thanks for the freebie! It is printed and ready to go for this week's skill check.


    1. I hear ya Erin! We have report cards due tomorrow and I am also in charge of the yearbook which is due tomorrow. Too much going on right now. I usually do a whole week of St. Patrick's Day themed stuff, but with everything else going on we had to limit it to one day. I am glad you will be using the freebie! Have a great week!

  2. Thanks so much for the freebie!
    What a silly little leprechaun! I love the caterpillar on the projector too!
    You look like you are quite the lucky gal! Have a great St. Patty's Day!


  3. Thanks for the freebie! We're headed to Disney World this summer. I will have to check out the Wine Walk! Hope this week goes better for your class and their behavior. Spring fever is here!
    Polka Dot Kinders

    1. I know it will go better.....positive thinking! ;) I plan on really hitting our behaviors hard this week and then the week we come back from spring break! Have a great week.

  4. Love all the pictures! I really like the Skittles sorting and graphing activity! I LOVE Skittles!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

    1. I keep a jar of skittles in my classroom to pass out every once in awhile when the students are working quietly or being extra good. I usually sneak a few each day as well....ha! :)

  5. Looks like your kiddos had lots & lots of fun celebrating St. Patty's Day. Oh & I must admit out of your whole post you got me at "Wine Walk"! Mmm... and a wine walk in Disney at that. I'll have to add that to my bucket list :) Can you tell I've been thinking of wine all day, well actually green beer Lol..But unfortunately it's all snow here & my hubs is away at firefighting classes. Def. going to enjoy some wine at dinner though. 10 yrs of marriage! Wow... that is awesome! I can't wait to reach those kind of milestones. And having great in-laws make such a big difference. Glad to hear how lucky (blessed) of a gal you are. Thanks for linking up!!! You rock! P.S. If there's anything on my TPT you'd like it's yours.

    Lovely Literacy & More

    1. Thanks Brittany! And thanks for hosting this fabulous linky party! You are great!

  6. Love your pics! And that skittle graph is awesome! I love the chair that is on top of the easel!! I bet they loved it!

    Clearly Kindergarten

    1. The kids definitely got a kick of the chair on top of the easel. :)

  7. Love the leprechaun madness--mess I mean ;)
    Yes my kiddos are bonkers too...but I think that is just how this class is though...love 'em but whew they wear me out. I'm ready for break as well!

    Great freebie! Love the pics. My hubby and I just celebrated 8 years so congrats on your 10!!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

    1. Glad to hear it's not just my class that is bonkers.......here is hoping both our classes are fabulous this week! :)

  8. Thank you for the sweet love, dear! Also, thanks for those great resources above. I just snagged the skittles graph! :)


    Learning With Mrs. Leeby

    1. You are so welcome Irene! Have a great week!!! :)