Snow Day.....What???

For some of you this may be no big deal....a snow day, but you don't even understand.  My district will be the only one in the area still having school while everyone else has cancelled.  But today, I get up and check my phone just in the off chance that we do have a snow day and there was nothing there.  So I shower, make my coffee and then for some reason turn on the know just in case.  Still nothing, so I decide to go ahead make my kids lunches for the day.  I get ready to go finish getting ready and finally it pops up that there is a snow day for our district.  It is like an hour before everyone in my house normally gets up so what do I do?  I start blog stalking, working on my sub plans, and working on some TpT stuff.

Before anyone else was up, I was able to finish my sub plans for Thursday & Friday {which was no small feat considering I had barely started!}, make another Emergent Reader book for an upcoming unit, create a freebie for TpT, work on my St. Patrick's Day Math Centers, and write this blog post.  Click on the images below to check out the products.

In honor of our snow day, I decided to throw a snow day sale in my TpT shop!  Everything is 20% off.  Grab some fun activities while they are on sale.  Click {here} to browse my store!

I feel so productive that I have decided a nap is in my future today!  :)  Oh, and watching Wreck-It Ralph in 3D because my hubby promised my kids he would get it for them today.  Yeah for snow days!


  1. We had a snow day in our part of IL, too. I love your nap idea! No nap for me, unfortunately, but I did see a nice spike in TpT sales, which is just as coveted as a nap, isn't it? Hope the rest of your day was great!


  2. I thought we weren't going to have a snow day either but we did too! I found your blog through the IL state Linky. So glad to connect with another Illinois blogger! I'm your newest follower! I love the movie Wreck-It Ralph! I bet it was amazing to watch in 3-D. Hope you can stop by my blog. :)

    Cheers To School