Five for Friday ~ Spring Break

If you read my blog, you are already aware that I am spring break.  Although I will be back to school next week.  This time off has gone way too fast.  :(  But I am looking forward to seeing all my kinder babies because I do miss them!  

Today I linking with Doodle Bugs Teaching again for Five for Friday!  :)

1.  On Sunday we had a fabulous photographer come to do a lifestyle session at our house.  Basically she took pictures of us doing our normal every day things.  She posted a couple preview pics on Facebook and I have to share because quite frankly every time I see this picture it makes me laugh.

{I am very aware that when my daughter goes on her first date that I will be happy to bring out this photo to show the picture to the lucky guy.....ha!}

2.  Strawberries for breakfast....yum!!!!

3.  We are fortunately/unfortunately doing some home improvement projects while I am on break.  The biggie is replacing my son's ceiling.  Here is what it looks like today.  

Looks like fun right???  By the time I go back to school Tuesday morning, it should be looking back to normal.  This picture was taken right after the hubby pulled down all the old drywall.  

4.  It FINALLY feels like spring here so we spent some time outside.

Unfortunately we couldn't spend too much time outside because.....

5.  My son has been sick most of break and when I took him to the doctor after a few days with a fever we found out he has pneumonia.  He is on meds and now on the mend, but poor guy hasn't been able to enjoy much of his break.  Doctor said he should be feeling better by the end of the weekend just in time to go back to school!  I swear he catches everything!!!  He gets sick so easily.  We give him a multi-vitamin, but I don't know why he gets sick so easily.  Anyone else have a child like this?  

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Also, I am joining many other bloggers for a spring sale in my TpT store this weekend.  Time to spring clean that wishlist!  Click on the images below to see who else is having sales.  


  1. I hope your little boy gets better soon! Being sick is NO way to spend a spring break!

    Mrs. Christy’s Leaping Loopers

    1. Thanks Christy....he is doing better today! :)

  2. Love the picture. Hope your kiddo feels better soon. No fun being sick.


    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Brittany....I think it will go in a frame. :)

  4. Amanda, I just found your blog today. I really sympathize with your son being sick. One year, my daughter was sick on her birthday. She had swine flu, pneumonia, and mono all at the same time. I was SO worried! She was laid up in bed for about 2 weeks. It was crazy.

    I don't know if you've done habitats yet this year, but I just put up on my blog a new freebie and some really good ideas for teaching habitats. Please stop by if you have a moment. :)

    Your latest follower,

    Sharon Dudley, NBCT
    Teaching with Sight

    1. Thanks Sharon! I am excited to go check out the freebie on your blog. :)

  5. That photo is priceless! Your daughter will most def. not think this is funny on those dates coming over kinda nights. :) Live and learn, right?? Hope your son is feeling better. That's no way to spend a break. Poor guy! :(

    It's "OWL" Good in Kindergarten