Reindeer Fun!

We have been working hard learning about reindeer in our classroom this week.  Here is some of what we have done.

We made a reindeer schema and new learning chart.  This chart is from Tuesday.  We have added many more new ideas since then. :)

We are making an "All About Reindeer" book from Deanna Jump's Reindeer Unit.  I did a directed drawing of the reindeer and I think the students' reindeer turned out so cute!

 This one is pregnant. Hahaha......we learned about what it means to be a mammal and one thing that stuck in their heads was that mammals carry the baby in their belly.  I just loved this illustration!!

Reindeer & baby reindeer

We did another directed drawing of reindeer in our science journals and then labeled the reindeer.  The students LOVED this!  I love seeing how excited they are about knowing how to draw something.  It gives some of my students the chance to really shine.

Today we made Reindeer Glyphs from my new TpT product.  Here are some of my little sweeties' reindeer.

If you are interested in this glyph activity please click on the image below or visit my TpT store {here}.

I found this idea on pinterest through our amazing art teacher {here} and I just had to make this for my classroom door.

I know this has been a long post, but I want to share with you our Elf on the Shelf, Elfie.  Each day when the students come to school they must find him and then write about where he is in their Elf Journal.  Here are some of our lastest additions. :)

Elfie hanging upside down from our Christmas lights.

Elfie riding Mr. Caterpillar

Yesterday my kids were quite wound up and would NOT.  STOP.  TALKING.  So, I wrote a letter to Santa for Elfie to take to him and he wrote us back a letter and look now where Elfie ended up today ;)  

You guessed it.....right by our classroom rules.  Unfortunately, they weren't any better today :(  But there's always tomorrow (I am totally singing the song from Rudolph as I type that...ha!)

But now I have to share with you the best thing that happened today.  Today is St. Nicholas Day and my mom usually sends my kiddos a little package with some "fun" socks and a little bit of candy. (Got to love grandma's right?)  Today we got home and saw we had a package, but instead of socks this year she sent two books:  one about how St. Nicholas became Santa Claus and the other was this.

So of course we downloaded the song right away and read along.  Loving this new Pete the Cat book!!  I don't really know who was more excited about the book the kids or me!  Honestly I think it was me, but the kids were pretty darn excited like jumping up and down excited so you can imagine my reaction.......I was jumping up and down with them!  :)

Since I am now in a FABULOUS mood thanks to my mommy, I have decided to giveaway my reindeer glyph free to the first person who comments below.  Make sure to include your email address.


  1. I would love a copy! Great work Amanda! :)

    1. I sent the glyph pack to you! I hope you enjoy doing it with your students :)

  2. Love your students'reindeer glyphs! I have an "Elf on the Shelf" named Jack and my kids get so excited when they find him in different places in our classroom.
    Connie Anderson:)