Hug or High-Five

After hearing about the tragedy on Friday, I immediately thought about my two children at home and couldn't wait to get home and give them a hug.  I felt like the end of my school day on Friday was just a blur.  Since the weekend hit, all I could think about was my 23 other children at school.  I couldn't wait to see them Monday and give them each a hug.  I know you all were feeling the same way.  The tragedy was never mentioned in my classroom which was good because I probably would have started bawling.  I don't really think any of my students know anything about it.  I told them though that we have a new morning procedure in our classroom from now on.

*Each morning when the students get to school, they hang up their coat and bookbag.  Then they move their name for the lunch count.  {That is what we have always done.}  The new part is after they move their name for lunch count, they must come and see me.  We will say good morning to each other and the student can choose either a hug or a high-five for me to give to them.

Most students chose a hug and I am loving this new idea.  These students are my other babies and I love them dearly.  I would do anything in my power to protect them.  I want them to know that I care about them each and everyday.  So, for me this new idea is perfect for that.

On a side note, after school I had a parent come up and tell me thank you.  I asked her why she was thanking me and she said that she just wanted to thank me for all that I do with her daughter.  I started tear up.  She said she was just so happy her daughter had a teacher who cared about her.  I know she said these things in light of the recent tragedy, but it was nice to hear that parents understand how much we care about our students.

We have a busy week ahead.  We are having "themed" days each day this week.  I will hopefully be posting about it tonight, but probably not until tomorrow because.........My sister is in labor and at the hospital.  I am hoping to make the hour and a half drive after work tonight to see my new nephew!  I can't wait!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I love the idea of "requiring" a hug or a high five. What a cute and sweet way to make sure you show each child how much you care about them every day. I think I'll try this in my classroom.

    Thanks for sharing!