New Year's Linky

It's New Year's Eve!  Which for us usually means the hubby working until 4 a.m. and the kids and I hanging out at home and not even staying up until midnight.  This NYE though, we are having my husband's parents over for dinner (Prime rib, Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatoes, and veggies.........It's the food my grandma makes for Christmas Day and my husband didn't get to go with this year).  Then we are going to his sister's house to hang out.  She literally lives about a block and a half from us.  We aren't big on going out and especially not on NYE.

Before I go help the hubby with dinner though, I am linking up with Jen over at The Teacher's Cauldron for the New Year's Linky.

My PERSONAL resolution for the coming year.....well I am going to have to have two.

1.  The old tried true weight loss resolution.  My best friends are getting married in August and that is my motivation to get this weight off.  I want to stick with being healthy after reaching my goal weight and continue to work out for the whole year.  I am usually good until summer hits and then lounging by the pool with an adult beverage sounds like more fun!

2.  Finish the projects we have started in our house.  Let me say that most of this resolution will require me to nag my husband to finish the projects as most of them are his expertise and not mine, but there are few that I can do by myself.  Need to get on that because we want to sell our house in about a year and a half.  It will probably take all that time to get the house ready (We still have to completely re-do the kitchen).

My BLOGGING resolution for the coming year:

My one and only resolution is to stay with blogging and blog on a consistent basis.  I had tried blogging before and usually stopped after some time.  This is the longest I have ever blogged and I want to continue.  It is such a great creative outlet for me and I love seeing what other teachers are doing in their classrooms.  

I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year's!

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