Thanksgiving Week

Who gets sick on top of being on crutches the week of Thanksgiving?  That would be me.  I sniffling and blowing my nose as I type {insert sad face here}.  I am totally bummed because I now have a fever so no school for me tomorrow.  My teaching partner and I were going to a Thanksgiving feast and I am upset I can't be there {think super sad face now}.  Luckily though, I have a wonderful substitute!

Here are a few things we did this week in my class:

We read my turkey emergent reader book.  When I introduced it, I used the pocket chart activity.  I now have this in my pocket chart literacy station.  At the station, the students will put the strips in order, match up the pictures to the correct sentence, and then I have each word written on a separate card for them to match up with the words on the sentence strips.  You can purchase this activity and emergent reader {here}.

We made these super cute turkeys to decorate the hall outside my classroom.  That is pretty much all the space I have in the hall.....not much, but we make it work {think of Tim Gunn saying this :)}.  I got this idea from Michelle Griffo over at Apples and ABC's {here}.

Then we read the story "Turkey Trouble" which my class LOVED!  We completed the turkey in disguise activity by Deanna Jump.  You can download this freebie {here}.

 This little guy disguised his turkey as Batman and the reward is a wii.

 This little lady disguised her turkey as a flower.

And this turkey is disguised as Santa complete with a sleigh and a reindeer.  His reward was 13 legos.

I just adored how creative my students were with this activity.  It was wonderful to see.  

That pretty much sums up our week so far.  Tomorrow is only a half day of school and then teacher meetings which I will unfortunately be missing since I am sick.  Before I leave I have to share my super cool photo with you....ha!

Are dress pants, gym shoes, and crutches super stylish or what?  {insert eye roll} 

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!  Be sure to check back with me next week as I will be hosting my first giveaway!!

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