Election and Voting

For the first few days of this week, we will be focusing on the election and most importantly voting.  I want my students to understand how important it is to vote.  Many of the parents at our school do not exercise their right to vote.  I am in no way, shape, or form, a political person at all!  But I do feel very strongly about everyone exercising their right to vote!  Here are a couple things we did in the classroom yesterday.

We made a chart about what the students know about voting and it was not a whole lot.

Then we sang our Voting Song many times.  To my surprise, the kids kept singing ALL. DAY. LONG.  At recess, at lunch, during centers, etc.  Then we added the song to our journals, "buttered" popcorn words, and illustrated.

Finally, we read our "Time to Vote" emergent reader, "buttered" popcorn words, and colored the pictures.  The students keep these books in a bag of books which they can read if they finish work early.

Both the "Time to Vote" emergent reader and the Voting Song are in my TPT store.  With the song, I have a republican and democratic ballot for students to use during your class mock election.    If you are interested in either one of these items, please visit my TPT store {here}.  Happy voting everyone!

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