Giveaway Winner, Gingerbread, & Elf!

Thank you to all of you who entered my giveaway!  The winner is Kelly M.  Kelly, I have already emailed you about being the winner.  Congratulations you won every holiday item in my TPT store!  Thank you for entering my giveaway!

We had an exciting week in our classroom.  We finished our Gingerbread unit and had a visitor in our classroom.

We finished up our gingerbread unit by making some Gingerbread glyphs from Deanna Jump's gingerbread unit.

We wrote about what we would look like if we were gingerbread boys or girls.  This idea came from Kindergarten Smiles.

Most of the students chose to run away from a fox.  I just loved seeing how creative they were with deciding what they would look like as well as their house!

We made a chart comparing some of the gingerbread stories we read.  This idea also came from Deanna Jump!

This week our principal came into my classroom and delivered this package.  He said a short little guy he had never seen before delivered it to the office and said it was from the North Pole.  Oh boy did that get my students' attention.

Inside was the book "The Elf on the Shelf" with our very own classroom elf.  One of the rules is that you can not touch him or he loses his magic so we just set him by our window and didn't take him out of the box.

 The students were so excited and kept going over to see him all throughout the day.

We voted on a name for our elf and his name is now Elfie.  {I was really hoping that Diamond or Midnight didn't win.}

The next day when the students got to school Elfie was hiding on top of the projector for our Smart board.

Throughout the day when the students would do something good or bad I would look at Elfie and say "Elfie did you see that......."  The kids are eating it up!  I also made a journal for the students to complete.  When they get to school they write the date, draw a picture of where Elfie is hiding, and then finish the sentence "Elfie was__________."  I can tell this is going to be a lot of fun!  

Now we are on to reindeer.  I will using some of Deanna Jump's ideas in my classroom as well as some of my TPT items :)  

I am also creating a reindeer glyph so check back this week to see my new reindeer glyph that I will be posting to my TPT store.  You will also get to see some more of Elfie! :)

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