Someone touched the elf 2.0

Last year I had to do some quick thinking because one of my students touched our classroom elf.  You can read all about that here.

This year I was so excited to introduce an elf to our classroom.  We received a package in the mail and found out there was an elf inside.

On the very first day of having the elf, not one, but TWO students touched the elf.  I was having a mini panic attack about this since it was the first day.  I told the students that I hoped he would return the next day.

The next day when the students came in they saw him like this:

He was sick in bed with a big bandage on his arm.  We also received a letter from Santa telling us that our elf, Jingles, was unable to make it to the North Pole and Santa had to send out a search party for him.  Jingles was so sick that he needed a big shot in his arm to inject more magic into him so that he could come back.

The kids felt so bad that the elf had to get a shot that we haven't had any trouble since.  My aide and I really played it up and talked about how much his poor arm must hurt with a bandage that big.  His bandage stayed on for two days.  Tomorrow when he arrives he will be bandage free!

What do you do when this happens in your classroom?


  1. I like your idea. I put ours to bed in the Kleenex box last year but didn't do the band-aid. That and the shot are brilliant. Last year we were in week 2 before it happened. This time it was day 2. So we totally vanished and there was a note the next day. We had to write letters to Santa saying that we were sorry and no one would break the rules again. Since his return he has been out of reach I am not totally ready to trust yet. I have some rowdy boys this year.

    Luv My Kinders

  2. Hahaha this made me giggle! I love that idea, and I'm sure your kiddos were so concerned! I also bet no one will be touching Jingles again :)

    Wanted to let you know you got a shout-out on my blog! Thanks for always being an inspiration!
    Sweet Room 16

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