Fourteen in '14

I can't believe that in a few short days 2014 will be over.  This year seemed to fly by and slowly crawl along all at the same time.  Does it feel like that for anyone else?!?!

I am linking up for Fourteen in '14 to share a bit about my year.  And because let's face it.....I am not ready to think about school quite yet.  I still have some break left to enjoy! :)

 I have to remember this quite often with all I have going on in my life on a daily basis.  This is one of the reasons that my blog hasn't seen much love recently.  Hoping to change that!

Can I pick two?  Well I am going to even if I can't.  {I am such a rule breaker}

Leggings and Boots.  I mean you can't have one without the other.

Did the Married With Children theme song start playing in your head with that last sentence or is that just me?  ;)

I can't remember a non-kid movie that I went to go see this year in the theaters.  Of all the kid movies I saw, this was definitely my number one pick.

I would hate to admit how much reality TV I really watch.  And how my full my DVR usually is.  A show that I fell head over heels in love with this year is The Mindy Project.  Mindy is HILARIOUS!  Yes, I did just put that in shouty caps because that is how much I laugh at her.  I also follow her IG.  Love!'s not technically a restaurant, but they opened an Orange Leaf in my town this summer and I hate to admit that for awhile there some of the employees knew me by name.  In case you don't know, Orange Leaf is a delicious froyo place.  Yum!

Making bows for my daughter.  I am getting better with each bow I make.  I have probably made close to 30 now.  I have been making them for my daughter and two nieces.  This was my first batch so no judging!  ;)

For Christmas, my hubby did a really good job, but I think my favorite gift was my new Garmin vivosmart.  It is similar to a fitbit.  Love it and it is keeping me accountable.  I have spent less time just sitting on the couch watching TV because it will remind me I need to get up and move.

I was hoping to re-do our bedroom and I fell in love with this headboard and then my hubby even said that he would make it for me.  Then I decided that would like to put our house up for sale once I am done with grad school so I am not sure if we will do this headboard or not at this point.  If not now, then when we buy our next house!  {Picture takes you to the pin}

 I know this post may not have seemed like a big deal to others, but to my kinder babies it is a HUGE deal.  They will not leave at the end of the day until we do our end of day ritual.  Click the picture to see all about it.

 I achieved some personal milestones this year both with my blog and with TpT.  Very proud of that!

Can I break the rule again and choose more than one???  Please???  Ok....I am doing it anyway!  :)

Our Spring Blogger Meet-Up in French Lick was just the best.  So much fun and it was amazing to meet all these fabulous teachers and bloggers.

 Our trip to DC with our best friends.  It was so much fun.  A short trip, but we made the most out of every minute.

My goal is to graduate from Grad School without having a meltdown.  I don't handle stress very well and grad school has definitely been stressful!  I also would like achieve more personal milestones for my blog and TpT.


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  1. I love this post!!! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE your two thumbs up "I'm smart and I know it!" routine. I am going to start this when I get back. Can't wait! (Well, I can wait to get back... but can't wait to start it! ) My word is HOPE, too. I love it. Happy, Happy New Year, Amanda!