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Hi friends!!  I am sorry I have been somewhat absent from my blog, but school was out for me on Tuesday and I told myself to just take some time without any school related things going.  I just spent time with my kids and it was great!!  I plan on being better about blogging throughout the summer.  I have already started working on some great products for the new school year, but for now I want to tell you about a product that a friend of mine made.

Awhile ago, the sweet Brittany from Closing the Gap in a Cute Outfit let me try out her fabulous Stop! It's Partner Time! activities.  {By the Way, now Hammer Time is totally stuck in your head right???}

She has aligned these activities with the Common Core Standards for 1st grade.  I used these activities with one group of students who needs challenging activities.  She has a couple of different options, but I chose to use this as a center for that group once our para had practiced the activity with them.

Brittany made both a colored and black & white version of the activity cards & mats.  I chose to use the colored ones because I had just changed my colored ink cartridge.  :)  I definitely love when I have the option.  We can not print in color at school so I am choosy with what I decide to print in color.

My students had both this sorting mat as well as the time cards that look like this:

The students would pick up a card, read the time, and then place it in the appropriate pile.  They also recorded their work on a recording sheet like this:

Did you see at the bottom she already built in an activity for early finishers???  PERFECT!!

All in all, I have to say I loved these activities and so did my group of students.  If you are a kindergarten teacher looking to challenge your students, this is perfect.  I also know that the first grade teachers at my school would love activities like this to reinforce the time skills they work on throughout the year.  So stop by Brittany's blog or TpT store and check out all her fabulous ideas and activities.  Tell her I sent ya!!!  :)


  1. Love these! So much fun! And yes hammer time is definitely stuck in my head now! =)

    The Polished Teacher

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