Cooperative Learning and a Freebie

Gwen from Learning with Mrs. Brinn is hosting a linky party all about one of my favorite topics......cooperative learning.  If you follow my blog, you have probably already heard me say that I have been to many Kagan Cooperative Learning trainings during my years at my district.  I have even been trained to be our school's Kagan Coach.....a job which I am proud that they chose me for.  :)

I use cooperative learning for many things in my classroom.  I like to use it in the mornings after our chit chat message so the students can share with someone else about what they know about our topic.  I use it when learning about shapes & colors.....the students have to make a verbal list of items that are that color or shape.  I use it for brainstorming.  I use it for sharing ideas or work.  The list is endless.  Today I am going to share about a way to use it for just plain FUN!  Did I say that??  Yep, I sure did.

The use of cooperative learning in the classroom promotes a feeling of community.  We all have to work together.  I LOVE this idea.  This is also why I like to do classbuilding and teambuilding exercises throughout the week.  My students sit at tables and that is their "team".  I place my students at their seats based on behavior and ability.  I have mixed abilities at every table.  The first thing I always do once my students have a new "team" is to do a teambuilding activity.  It helps them unite together and work together.

Teambuilding activities are not to have academic content.  It is basically so the students can get to know one another.  One of the easiest activities to do is called a Round Robin.  The teacher appoints someone to be first {in my room I have the numbers 1-4 in each corner so that the students know if they are closest to the number 1 they are number 1}.  I don't always have number 1 go first; I like to mix it up!  Each student will take a turn sharing about the topic the teacher has given.

Here are some topics you could use:

  • your favorite game to play and why it's your favorite
  • tell three things about yourself
  • what do you like most about school
  • what do you want to be when you grow up & why
You get the point.  :)  I am sure you can come up with many other ideas.

Once I announce the topic, I give the students time to think about what they want to say and then I start them off on their sharing.  As they are sharing, I walk around the room, monitor, and listen to the conversations.

Once the students are finished, we do a team cheer to celebrate.  I think this may be the students favorite part!

I promised you a freebie too.  I am working on changing up my classroom theme/decor so I made new numbers to hang in my corners.  I am offering them to you if you would like to use them as well.  Just click on the image below to grab them.

Don't forget to link up with Mrs. Brinn to share some cooperative learning ideas too!


  1. Cooperative learning is such a great way to just get kids interacting! I love that you use it in so many different ways in your classroom- especially just for "fun!" Excited to be a new follower!
    Learning to the Core

  2. I love how versatile cooperative learning can be! I think it is important to just have fun and build community in your classroom. We are social beings and enjoy interacting with each other. Thank you for focusing on that and linking up!

    Learning With Mrs. Brinn

  3. Love using the numbers in the corner. Great idea!

    Mrs. Thigpen's Kindergarten