End of Year Gifts for Students and Teachers {Freebies}

First of all, I want to thank all those in the armed forces today.  This past summer I was able to visit some of the memorials in Washington, D.C. and I have been thinking about those a lot today on Memorial Day!  I am amazed by all those in the armed forces and I appreciate what they do for us on a daily basis.

It has been a rainy Memorial Day weekend here....boo!  I decided to get up early this morning and finish up my student gifts.  Take a look at what I did:

The supplies

"You BLEW me away this year!" Bubbles

                  "Have a COOL summer!" Kool-Aid           "You will ROCK in 1st grade" Pop Rocks

The finished product!

 In each student bag, there is the following:
~one small bottle of bubbles that says "You BLEW me away this year"
~one package of pop rocks that says "You will ROCK in 1st grade"
~one package of kool-aid that says "Have a COOL summer"
~one crazy straw

I can't wait to give these out to my kinder babies.

If you are interested in the labels for these gifts, please click on the image below to grab this freebie from my TpT store!

Then while I was at it, I decided to finish up my kids' gifts to their teachers.  I just love how they turned out.  I planted flowers in a pot and added the sign that says "Thank you for helping me Grow"  on the back side of the flower I put the grade and year.  I really hope their teachers enjoy these!

What are you planning to do for the end of the year for your students or kids' teachers?  


  1. Love the little bag of goodies idea. I'm leaning towards putting a pack of summer work in a sand pail with sidewalk chalk and bubbles. The little note on it will say "Have a bucket full of fun this summer!"

    It's "OWL" Good in Kindergarten

  2. Those bags are adorable! I stuck with my polka dot theme and am giving them a box of Dots candy with a label that says, "So glad I "dot" you in my class this year!" For my daughter's teacher I gave a beach towel, People magazine and another box of Dots with a similar phrase. I love the flower idea though!
    Polka Dot Kinders

  3. I love the gift idea! Thanks for the freebie!

    An Apple a Day in First Grade

  4. You're so sweet, love the gift ideas!

    Fun in PreK-1

  5. These are so cute! Your kinders will love them and so will your kiddos' teachers!! :)

    ✿ Regina
    Keepin It Krazy

  6. Boy oh boy! Does it ever look like your kiddos are hitting the jackpot with lots of goodies. What a sweet sweet teacher your are! I hope you are having a fabulous end of the school year!

    Lovely Literacy & More

  7. Great idea...I am doing bubble sticks from Target dollar..and "bubbling with excitement about you going to first grade!!" NJ outlaws candy in class and our school enforces it..It has become a school board policy and you know what that means! Love the idea though!!