Getting Ready for President's Day

I haven't had much a chance to get on the computer this week.  It has been weird.  Since I started blogging, I have probably got on the computer daily just to stalk other blogs, read my comments, etc.  As I said last time, this was a short week at school, but a LONG week.  Yesterday {Valentine's Day} was a half day of school with parent/teacher conferences going into the evening.  Today was another day of parent/teacher conferences, but we were done at noon {which was AWESOME!}.  Anyways, on top of this being a busy week I had two sick kiddos at home.  The sick kiddos are the main reason I haven't been touching the computer.  They just wanted to snuggle with their mommy and I was happy to oblige!

In between conferences, I had a bit of down time to start prepping for next week.  We are focusing on President's Day.  I usually spend two days on George Washington and then two days on Abraham Lincoln.  This year I will also be bringing in some pictures from my trip to Washington, D.C. this summer.  The students are always interested in where the President lives!  While prepping for next week, I decided to make an emergent reader for President's Day because my kiddos LOVE having all kinds of new books in their "bag of books".  If you are interested in grabbing yourself a copy, please click on the image below.

Tonight once I get my little ones to bed, I plan on creating a few President's Day freebies.  So check back this weekend to grab those for your plans next week!  

Now back to snuggling with my little ones.  Have a great Friday everyone!

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