Daily 5, New Products, and Giveaways!

I could have maybe titled this post:  "Random" because it is a little random, but you don't mind do you?? ;)

I have been transitioning from Literacy Stations to Daily 5 in my classroom.  As I said before, I think what I will end up is going to be a combination of the two.  I have to say though, I am LOVING Daily 5 right.  My students have been building stamina on read to self and read to someone.  They have been doing fantastic so today I decided to add on Working with Words.  I gave my students three word work options and told them that by the end of the week they had to complete all three.  {I may make this more than three, but I figured to start off three sounded like a good number :)}

Now, I know nothing is perfect, but I was heaven for the time that we did this today.  Some students were reading to self, some were reading to someone, and some were doing word work activities.  I was just monitoring since this is still new.  I am hoping by the end of the week I will be ready to pull groups again.  Look at how engaged they were:

I am just tickled by how well they are doing with this!  :)

I have created some new products on TpT that you may be interested in.  I have definitely caught the font bug and I started creating my own fonts.  I love it.....even if no one ever purchases a font I don't care because I love them.  I figure that's what it's all about anyways.  I don't create anything on TpT that I wouldn't normally create for my classroom anyways.  I make sure I love everything I create.  Here are some of my new fonts.  One is free and the rest are priced.  {Click on the images to head to the fonts.}

I realized last night that I did not have enough math centers for the week so I created some "Silly Math Centers".  This includes three math centers:  measurement, domino addition, and roll & color.

And now for some fabulous giveaways:  {Click on the images to head to the giveaways!}

First, Mrs. Leeby & Live, Laugh, I LOVE Kindergarten are celebrating their 200 & 300 followers with a fabulous giveaway!

The fabulous ladies over at Kindergarten Squared are hosting a giveaway for their short vowel word work bundle.

Teaching and Tapas is hosting a giveaway for 100 amazing products!  It is divided up by grade level.....awesome!!!

My sweet friend Khrys from Keepin' It Kool In Kinderland is having a "The Naughty Little Leprechaun" giveaway.

And last, but definitely not least is the fabulous giveaway from Growing Firsties, Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten, 3 A.M. teacher, and Teacher to the Core.

Good luck with all the fabulous giveaways!!!  I can't wait to see who wins.......of course, I would love for it to be me, but I will be happy if it is you!  I am headed to bed now.  We spent the weekend finished my daughter's ceiling in her room {we had to replace it so we were taping, mudding, sanding, and painting all weekend long}.  I finally have all the dust cleaned up after vacuuming about five thousand times.  Her things are back in her room and now this mom is EXHAUSTED!  My son is super excited to have his room back to normal as well.  We had to store all his sister's things in his room while we were doing all this.  He didn't care for that so much!  :)

And since you made it to the end of this post, I decided I would give away my new Silly Math Centers to one lucky follower.  All you need to do is make sure you follow my blog and comment below telling me your favorite Dr. Seuss book & activity that you do with your class.  Make sure you provide your email address.  I will choose a winner tomorrow evening around 8:00 central time.  Good Luck!!!  :)


  1. I love making green eggs and ham with my kinders after reading the accompanying book!

  2. I loved hearing about your Daily 5. I really haven't looked into it very much but plan on doing some research on it this summer when I have time and possibly using it next year. Your kiddos seem to really enjoy it!

    Thanks so much for mentioning my giveaway girl, you are DA BEST! I knew we would be bloggy besties forever :)

    Your new fonts are beautiful and your silly centers look dyno. LOVE IT! You never fail to impress me with your amazingness! Thanks so much for offering one to a lucky follower, I hope it's me!! My favorite Dr. Seuss book is Bartholomew and The Oobleck. My kids ADORE that story. We always do a bunch of activities surrounding it, but the kids favorite is when we finally get to make the Oobleck. It is so gooey and fun!

    I'm so glad your rooms are back together. Sounds like a tooooon of work. I'm proud of you, little carpenter :) lovvvvve you!


    Ps thank you so much for your email this morning :) it was the ray of sunshine I needed today!

  3. I love The Cat in the Hat and making silly hats for my kiddos!


  4. I love The Cat in the Hat. In the past, my kiddos enjoyed making a silly hat and wearing it all day long. Then again, what kinder kiddo doesn't love wearing a silly hat all day long. :)


  5. I'm so impressed that you are doing Daily 5 in K....I know I could do it but I think I would have a hard time letting go of my literacy stations. Is it in our blood as K teachers to make things harder than they need to be? :)
    We are reading The Lorax on Friday and the kiddos are going to make Truffala tree from something I found on Pinterest..Dr. Suess week is CRAZY!
    Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

  6. Daily 5 is something that is on my list for the summer to check out also. I have always loved Cat in the Hat. We like to make silly hats. Although this year, I have to say my favorite activity now, is playing a game I found at garage sale this last summer. It's called "Cat in the Hat, I Can Do That!" There are 3 piles. On a kid's turn they take one from each, and put them in order to form a sentence. They then have to do what the card says, using whatever prop (from the game) the card says. (Example: 1. Step over the Trick-A-Ma-stick (foam noodle that comes in box) 2. with the boat 3. under your right arm!) The kids LOVE this game, really makes them think, but lets them get the giggles out. :D

  7. I love Daily Five! I had such a hard time giving up my Literacy Centers but now that I have, I am a believer! Your fonts are the cutest (had to download your freebie!). My favorite Dr. book has to be Hop on Pop. My daughter had me read that about a million times when she was 2. ilovekdgt@gmail.com
    Polka Dot Kinders