a few days late, but I haven't linked up with the fabulous Farley in awhile so I did it even if I am late!

Listening - Yep, I'm not proud of it, but I do love me some reality TV.  I record the shows I like throughout the week and then usually catch up on the weekends while blogging and writing lesson plans.  ;)

Loving - Oh my goodness....all of the sudden this week the weather finally decided to act like fall.  At first I wasn't amused, but now I am back to loving fall again.  This also means that I get to break out my boots again.  I big time puffy heart my boots, especially these babies.  LOVE!

Thinking - Only 4 more days until my daughter and I will not only be meeting my sweet baby nephew for the first time, but we will also be having the time of our life at the Taylor Swift concert!!!!

Wanting - I haven't had my hair cut or colored in months.  I need it cut, but want a new hair style.  Unfortunately, I can't decide how I want it.  Hmmm......need to figure that out soon.

Needing - I need some inspiration.  We are trying to finish up the decor of our new living room/kitchen area.  We bought this awesome old door that has chalkboard on it and I need inspiration to strike for a quote or two for the chalkboard part.  I have created a pinterest board for it, but just can't decide.  You can check out that board here.

Boo-tiful - I love the colors of fall.  It is just such a pretty time of year.  Hoping to talk the hubby into some family pictures once more of the leaves start turning colors.  It's been a couple years since we have done family pictures and what better backdrop than the colors of fall.

Now I am off to finish up my lesson plans and watch some more reality TV.....yep that's my exciting Saturday night.  ;)


  1. My daughter would love to go to a TS concert. She adores all her music.

  2. I love those boots! I can't get enough of the fall weather. . . Sweaters, boots, and crunchy leaves. . . be still my heart!

  3. I hear ya! Up here it feels like it suddenly went from summer to winter!! The boots have been out in full force and I'm crossing my fingers that my snow boots don't have to come out too soon! I've been hearing rave reviews about Taylor Swift concerts! Lucky you and your daughter! I'm wanting to change up my chalkboard too.. I think I will go check out that Pinterest board you mentioned! And I'll have to get a new chalk marker! And my exciting Saturday night also consists of lesson plans (and I can't watch TV and plan because I'm a horrible multi-tasker.. boo) lol

    A Pinch of Kinder

  4. HAHAHAHA I am late to the party too! You beat me by 12 minutes! I am also blogging and planning on a Saturday night! :)
    ~ Lorraine
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