Halloween Crafts

Halloween is in full swing at my school.  We have an Oktoberfest family night tomorrow night at school.  The families get to come dressed up in their Halloween costumes, play games, get candy, participate in a costume contest, and even get their picture taken with a scary monster.  :)  It is so much fun!  Each classroom makes a Halloween craft to hang up in the gym for the event.  I had already planned on making our Frankenstein Yourself crafts, but I didn't want them in the gym.  (Mainly because everyone touches them as they walk by them on their way to lunch and I didn't want them to get ruined.)

My fabulous student teacher and I decided we wanted to create something cute and easy to make.  We helped the students make these adorable ghosts.

We used 9x12 black construction paper, but cut it in half.  Students made a handprint with white paint.  Once the paint was dry I had the students draw their eyes and mouth with a black crayon, but you could always use black paint.

As I said, we also made our Frankensteins.  The kids LOVED them as did every person who walked by our room.  I am so happy with how they turned out!

I think the best part of making these was seeing the students' faces when they saw their finished project of having their own face on a Frankenstein….priceless!

With Halloween being in full swing, my kiddos have been wound up and extra chatty.  This makes me one tired teacher!!  I think I will be heading to bed early tonight.  Any one else experiencing this?!?

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  1. AHHHH!!! I LOVE your Frankenstein's :) Absolutely adorable girl! Just pinned it so I can remember to do this next year.

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