Cutest Thing

I just had to share with you all some things that happened in my classroom today because they were so cute.

This morning while my student teacher was teaching her lesson one little boy raised his hand.  She called on him (thinking he was going to say a word that started with J) and he responded, "Every day at school just keeps getting better!"  And then another little boy just shouted out, "Yeah, he's right.  It does."  If that doesn't just melt my heart!  I love it!

A little later in the morning we were working on my friend Elizabeth's color word work unit.  One of my little friends really struggles socially and she has a hard time cutting.  I was at their table helping a different friend who has a broken arm (of course it is the dominant hand).  The little girl who struggles said, "Look, I did it!"
The boy who sits next to her (not the one I am helping) said, "You did do it, and look you didn't cut any of the letters."  He then pats her on her back real gentle and adds, "I'm so proud of you."

Oh my goodness!  I just couldn't handle all that sweetness.  He was too much!

Don't you just love moments like that?  What special moments have you had in your class lately?  I would love to hear.


  1. Sounds like your kinders are too cute! I love moments like that!


  2. One of my all time favourite moments in my teaching life was after watching a little one painstakingly cut out a large number 3. She had always struggled with cutting out and after finishing this task she looked at me and said 'I did it!' The look on her face was something I'll never forget - I was so proud of her! :)

    Love, Laughter and Learning in Prep!

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