Cooperative Learning Linky

I am hosting a linky party today for Gwen while she is in professional development.  She and I both LOVE cooperative learning in our classrooms.

Today I am going to share with you two cooperative learning ideas/activities.  One is probably one that you are already familiar is called "Find Someone Who".  This would be considered a classbuilding activity.  I love using this for "fun" getting to know you activities, but I also like to use it for review and learning.

Each student has a paper and pencil.  They find a partner and ask them something from their sheet.  I am providing a freebie where the students would ask "Do you know one of these letters?".  If the student knows a letter, they will write their name or initials in the box with that letter.  Then roles will switch.  Once both students have marked their initials on the OTHER person's paper then they take their own paper and find a new partner.

Did that make sense??  I feel like you have to see it in action sometimes to understand so I am going to provide a mock conversation so you can see how it would work.

Amanda: Gwen, do you know a letter on the page?
Gwen:  Yes, I know the letter S.  (Gwen then marks her initials on Amanda's paper in the box with S)
Gwen:  Amanda, do you know a letter on the page?
Amanda:  Yes, I know the letter M.  (Amanda then marks her initials on Gwen's paper in the box with M)
Amanda:  Thank you!
Gwen:  Thank you!
(Each student takes their paper on finds a new partner)

That made a little more sense now right???  Good, I was hoping so!  If you are interested in a letter and sight word version of find someone who, click here to grab a copy or click on the image below.

The next activity I would like to tell you about is awesome!!  It is called "Dot the Wall".  Ok, don't panic.....students are not actually going to dot your wall.  We all know I custodians would blacklist in an instant if we let that happen.  ;)

You make this game for whatever you are learning about.  All you do is hang papers up around the room and then students will come along and "dot" them.  Example:  In the beginning of the year, I put papers up with different letters we have been working on.  I might put a paper with an uppercase A, another one with lowercase a, another one with uppercase get the idea.  I let the students each choose a marker or crayon (because writing is more fun if you don't use pencils) and then go to each paper in whichever order they want.  When they get to the paper, all they do is copy the letter.  It is handwriting practice without the students knowing they are practicing....hehehe!  Sometimes if we have a couple extra minutes I do this "game" because it takes very little prep.  Just some blank paper and tape.  I show the students where each page is and tell them what is on each page as well.

You can use this activity with many different things.  Here are some ideas I have done:

  • letters
  • name practice
  • color words
  • sight words
  • number practice
Do you use cooperative learning in your classroom?  I would love to hear how you are using it or some activities you have done.  Grab our button, link up below and tell us all about it!!  :)


  1. Fun idea - the second one. Thinking about how I could implement that with my 2nd graders. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Amanda- thank you for doing this! I like doing Find Someone Who activities. I haven't heard of Dot the Wall- sounds fun too! Great post- thanks again! I'll be linking up later tonight or tomorrow am. :0) Gwen

  3. What a cute linky idea! I can't wait to get started on it. I have a couple of Cooperative Learning products at my TpT Store.

    Thank you so much for stopping by to take part in my giveaway! I really appreciate your kindness!!!

    24/7 Teacher Amy Harrod