High Five for Friday

Oh Friday how I LOVE you!  I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk Blog again today.

1.  Today I am done working at noon!!!!!  It is parent/teacher conferences and we had to stay late last night so to make up for it we are done at noon today.  It makes it an almost three day weekend and I will take it!

2.  I am also going to my own children's conferences today and yes I super stoked about it :)

3.  The weather this week was beautiful.

4.  Yesterday I treated myself to a Starbucks.....it has been months since I have last had one.

5.  This week I put on a pair of pants that have been super tight on me the last few months, but low and behold.....they fit!!  I was beyond happy.  Guess I finally am on my way to goal!

What is your high five for Friday?


  1. there is just something about great weather and starbucks that just makes you happy!


  2. yes, the weather around here is likewise! love fall days!

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend! stop by thechiffondiary.com & say hello!