Halloween Activities

I like to have "fun centers" once in awhile, but especially for holidays.  Halloween is no different.  I set my room up with 5 "fun centers" and the students rotate around the room so that they can complete each activity.  Both the students and I have a lot of fun with it.

Here are the activities that we did.  

#1 Pumpkin Tic Tac Toe

I made these tic tac toe sheets.  You can grab them here for free.  Students used little Halloween erasers to play tic tac toe.

#2 Pumpkin Candy Corn Activity

These printables are free from here.  My students covered the picture and then once they were finished I let them eat the candy corn. I think this may have been their favorite activity.  ;)

#3 Candy Corn Artwork

All you have to do is draw a candy corn shape on black construction paper.  Students tear yellow, orange, and white construction paper then glue it in the proper spot.  This is a great fine motor activity.

#4  Halloween Book

My students made this Halloween book.  They "buttered" the "popcorn" words in the book then practiced reading it and colored the pictures in the book.  We always add these books to our book boxes when we finish.  You can grab this book here.

#5  Masks

I let each student make their own mask.  I used my Ellison dies to make a bunch of masks.  Then I let the students decorate them any way that they wanted.  They had a blast with this.

I mean look at that face!  Priceless!!!!!

What are your favorite Halloween activities to do with your class?

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