Summer Wish List

I know I am little a lot late to the party, but my hubby had surgery and life has just been crazy busy!  I did though want to join in on the fun of Deanna's Top Ten Things I Want to Do This Summer!  I love this idea because I always have this grand idea of crossing everything off my to do list during the summer and I am lucky if I get one or two crossed off.  I am hoping that if I put it all out there that you guys can help keep me accountable!  :)

1.  I want to survive two summer courses!  In order to finish my master's degree next summer, I needed to take TWO online classes this summer.  It's definitely not ideal, but I can do it!

2.  Spend as much quality time (no phones, iPods, computers, or TV) with these two cuties as I can! 

3.  Read at least one non-school related book.  I usually read a ton over the summer, but I have a feeling most of my reading will be grad school related.  I need at least one non-school book.  Any good recommendations?

4.  Spend as much time outside as possible!  We love spending time outside whether it is playing in the backyard or having a picnic in the park.

5.  Get more familiar with my camera.  My hubby has gotten really good at taking pictures with our fancy new camera, but I am still learning.  Hoping to play with the camera a lot to learn more about it.

6.  Get to the gym!  I have been participating in #3weeksnocheats and it has been a great jump start, but I need to get back to the gym.  I LOVE lifting weights and it is inspiring to see Rachelle and Katie and the results they have in their healthy lifestyle journey.  

7.  Enjoy a relaxing vacation in my favorite place:  the Ozarks.  I just love how laid back and quiet it is at my aunt's house there.  It truly is the most relaxing vacation we take!

8.  Sleep in as much as possible.  My kids are starting to sleep in a bit and I want to take full advantage of that fact this summer.  No more waking up at 5 a.m. for this mama.

9.  Have a garden again this year that grows some beautiful produce.

10.  Take a spontaneous road trip with my family.  I would love to head up to Starved Rock again.  :)

Now let's see how many of these I accomplish!  I think I will batting a thousand.  :)

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