Bright Idea for End of the Year Gifts

It's that time again....time for another Bright Idea.

We officially have only 10 school days left so I am thinking about student gifts for the end of the year.  I usually give my students a little something from me, but this year I wanted to try something different.  This year my students are going to create gifts for each other (with a little help from me).

Here is what we are doing.  I have each student's name written on a piece of paper.  I call one student back to my table at a time and ask them to tell me a word that describes each student such as "funny", "nice", "friendly", etc.

Once I have compiled all the names and adjectives, I create a poster with the student's name in the middle and all their adjectives surrounding the name.

Here is what the completed project will look like:

I plan on sending these home with a note explaining the poster for the parents.  As a parent, I would love to see my children's classmates think about them.  I think it something that the students and parents will really treasure.

For older students, the students could just write their own ideas on each person's paper, but since I teach kindergarten I thought it would be easiest to write the words that the students dictate to me.  :)

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  1. This is such a sweet idea! That is something your students will want to hang onto forever! Such a great idea! Thanks for sharing!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

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