BTS Room Sneak Peek

I have spent the last two days in professional development.  It was on a new assessment called KIDS.  By the year 2015 - 2015, it will be mandatory in the state of Illinois.  I was quite overwhelmed with the training and need a day or two to process all the information I received so be on lookout for a post all about it in the future.

Other than that, my mind has been pretty much solely focused getting ready for back to school.  I swear that is all my brain thinks about.  Everywhere I go and everything I do my mind somehow works its way back to school stuff and the enormous to-do list associate with it.

I am slowly, but surely working my way through the list.  Most of the list is getting my room ready for next Tuesday night, "Unpack your Backpack" night.  Students come in and bring all their supplies so they are ready for the first day.  My room isn't 100% ready, but it is definitely coming along.  Here is a little sneak peek at my classroom.

I have condensed the "mess" in the room to only my guided reading table.  Here is a peek at that.....haha!

Once I am done finding a home for all this "stuff", all I need to do is finish my bulletin boards.  I am sure I will find a million other things to do, but for now I am going to focus on that.

Also, you may noticed that I have whiteboards now in my room.  I went to Lowe's and purchased shower board for about $11/piece.  I bought 3 pieces and covered two entire chalkboards.  I am excited about how much brighter the room is, but now my boards aren't magnetic.  Here is a pic of my sweet hubby cutting the boards down to size.  :)

Word of Warning:  If you do buy shower board to replace your chalkboards be warned......tape (of any kind) tears it up.  I love the way my word wall turned out, but a couple times I wanted to move the electrical tape a bit and it ripped off the white of the board.  Then today I went to adjust one of the headers slightly and realized the masking tape also did the same thing.  I don't know if this is because of how humid it is or if this is just normal.  If I would have know this would happen then I would not have used the electrical tape.  Oh live and learn.  And now you all can learn from my mistakes.  :)


  1. It looks so great!! I love your color scheme.
    (And the tiny mess is very impressive ;)).

  2. Love your room. You might try rubber cement. I use on painted walls and cement and it holds. Then when done you take and rub rubber cement off wall. It rolls off looking like Burger ;). It does turn brown on back of posters of not ribbed off. LAMINATE posters first.

  3. Amanda, I know exactly how you feel- thinking about school stuff in every extra minute- and that never ending "to-do" list... that is one list that never seems to get shorter- I only think of more things to do! Love your boards. That is also exactly what I do- condense my mess to one area. It looks great! :)
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  4. Oh I just love your "How We Get Home" Sign!!! The polka dot ribbon just ties it all together. What a sweet hubs you have! Would your school not switch your chalk boards to white boards for you? I would be upset if it they wouldn't change it for me. I never thought of using shower boards though. That's good to know in case ever needed or even to cut & add to the back of a book shelf that serves as a divider. And that's funny that you pile "everything else" on your guided reading table because I totally do the same thing. Can't wait to see the finished results. :)

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